FRAMED Review – Brilliantly innovative puzzle game

Ever since I saw the first trailer of Framed I was hooked. Such an awesome and novel concept for a puzzle game! So, it was with lots of anticipation that I hit the purchase button in the App Store. Was I satisfied? Yes. Did I expect something else? No, not really. Is it the best […]The post FRAMED Review – Brilliantly innovative puzzle game appeared first on What's On Iphone. » Read More

iCloud Removal tool Lets you bypass iCloud Activation Lock

TweetWith the release of iOS 7, Apple added a new security feature to it mobile operating system dubbed as iCloud Activation Lock.The Activation Lock is a feature found in the Find My iPhone service which binds your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your Apple ID so that your lost or stolen iOS device cannot be used or restored without your own Apple ID and valid Password.The feature at first seems » Read More

Only NINE People Have Reported Bent iPhone 6 Plus – says Apple

 Nine people who own the brand-new iPhone 6 Plus have already contacted Apple, upset about their warped devices, the tech giant said Thursday.Apple Inc went into damage control mode, addressing what has come to be known as ‘BendGate’ by claiming that costumers’ complaints about iPhones warping are few and far between.The statement from the tech giant came just hours after Apple » Read More

I-10 Road Conditions and Traffic… – New App

TravelStatus: Rating: Posted: 9 months ago*** This is a free version with limited features ****  Click on Upgrade button to purchase the full version.  For support, send an email to [email protected] for the 7×24 support. This app focus on I-10 The major interstate across the following cities/states: Alabama Arizona California Dallas Houston Louisiana Miami (On » Read More

New iPad App ExhibitView™ 5

We stumbled across and new legal app for trial lawyers that was recently released. This iPad app was created by the developer ExhibitView Solutions and was released in September. For trial attorneys who need dynamic tools for presenting slides and documents in court, this new app may be a good solution.  The app is called ExhibitView™ 5 and has been custom designed for the iPad interface. It is a » Read More

Moto 360 Gets New Watch Faces, Custom Face Designer and More with Motorola Connect Update

Moto 360 is one of the, if not the best, Android Wear smart watches available in the market. Given the infancy of Android Wear as a wearable operating system, no watch is perfect at the moment but in terms of design and usability, Moto 360 ranks at the very top. Motorola has shown strong commitment(...) » Read More

‘LaunchImage’ Will Generate Your iOS Splash Screen For You [FREE]

If you’re a developer – and happen to be in search of a quick way to create a splash screen for your upcoming app, using all the screen dimensions required by the App Store for successful submission, you may want to pick up a copy of LaunchImage.A utility designed for Mac, LaunchImage claims to be able to generate all the sizes required for your app’s splash (start) image, “you » Read More

For Better iPhone 5 Battery Life Use This Tips &Tricks

TURN OFF PUSH EMAILLong ago I turned push for email off. Not solely did I hate the very fact that my phone was perpetually buzzing or ringing however I additionally realised that my battery life took a hit as a result of my phone was constantly operating to drag email for me. i get a lot volume of email per day and it merely started feeding at my battery.With push turned off, I currently check em » Read More

Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmarks Surface; Device Features, Specs Revealed

Galaxy Series made Samsung a rockstar of the smart phone industry and their flagship device has always made headlines. Each year Samsung releases one flagship phone thankfully other than bunch of other phones and he we are once again with the specs and benchmarks which are believed to be of Galaxy S6. Last Year Samsung […] » Read More

Mac running slow after upgrading to OS X 10.10 Yosemite?

Mac OS X Yosemite is a big release – it includes a bunch of new features that help it integrate better with iOS 8 and boasts one of the most significant visual redesigns the Mac operating system has seen in years. All that eye candy is straining older Macs, though.If you’ve updated to Yosemite and noticed a significant slowdown in performance, you’re not alone. Like most new OS X rele » Read More