'Block Legend' Review - A Legendary Puzzler No One Should Miss

When you have a trailer as awesome as Block Legend [$1.99], you better have a good game behind it to back up that hype goodness. Luckily the devs behind this RPG puzzler matched their self-made hype and then some. Streamlined combat (complete with random encounters), loads of unlockable content and a robust RPG match-2 overlay combine for an amazing experience that needs to be checked out.Block L » Read More

How to restore your Apple TV to factory settings

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News: iLounge Game Spotlight: Doggins

Doggins ($4) from Brain & Brain is billed as a quiet adventure. Starring a dreaming dog, the iPad-only adventure game has been nominated for a SXSW Gamer’s Voice Award for best indie game, along with a number of other titles, including recently reviewed Tengami — a game which shares some similarities with Doggins. Doggins centers around a dreaming terrier of the same name who finds himself fa » Read More

Pango Playground Review

Pango Playground for kids is a charming universal app for babies and toddlers which adults will enjoy a great deal as well.This app opens up to a very nice assortment of children’s toys such as train tracks or building blocks. Do choose a scene and tap on a number flag 1 to 4 to be taken to a new area.All of these scenes are variations on the same basic assortment of toys, different colorful buil » Read More

MirrorLink Will Open Up to Developers to Help Create More Car-Friendly Apps

The Car Connectivity Consortium wants to get more developers making apps that interface with car dashboard displays. So, as announced at the CCC Summit recently in Tokyo, they’re opening up their MirrorLink standard to all developers in the near future, making it easy for developers to create applications deisgned to be used in cars.MirrorLink uses a variety of standardized protocols to bri » Read More

The House of Mouse just got a whole lot smaller; Disney Interactive lays off 700 (Mac)

In the corporate world, even long-awaited good news doesn't mean there isn't bad news for some people in the organization.That was the case for Disney Interactive, which despite turning a profit in the last quarter of 2013 on the strength of Disney Infinity nevertheless laid off 700 employees this week, or just over a quarter of its total workforce. Along with the job cuts, the » Read More

Faif Review

Faif Review By Nadia Oxford on March 7th, 2014 Our Rating: :: TAKE A GAMBLE ON ITUniversal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad Faif needs some work before it becomes worthy of ranking amongst the likes of Blackjack, but the combination of match-three and gambling is unquestionably addictive.   Developer: BeavlPrice: $1.99Version Reviewed: 1.1App Reviewed on: iPhone 5Grap » Read More

Walmart Offering 16GB iPhone 5s For $119 And 5c to $29

It is a very unique thing to find a nice discount from online stores.. But today Walmart has just announced launching a new iPhone promotion for both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c. The national retailer can now beat the electronics dealer in price on the entry level models of both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c by up to $30.Walmart was offering 16GB iPhone 5s for $145 but now it is available for $119, » Read More


Get ready to play the most describable word game ever! In WordTag, you and your friends take turns describing a word for each other to guess! Once you get started it’s kind of hard to stop playing! To play WordTag: 1. Pick a word for someone to guess. 2. Type in a brilliant, funny, tricky, silly, awkward clue. 3. Each word you describe is paired with six locked words. The more you play, the mo » Read More

Thanks to Our Sponsor: Coolorus

Ever get frustrated with the color picker on your Mac? It’s nice, but it could be so much more. That’s why you need Coolorus, the one color picker to rule them all. Coolorus is a Corel Painter like color wheel for Adobe apps (including all recent versions of Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, and more) as well as all native Mac apps that uses native Apple color picker. It started out as » Read More