Pango Playground Review

Pango Playground for kids is a charming universal app for babies and toddlers which adults will enjoy a great deal as well.This app opens up to a very nice assortment of children’s toys such as train tracks or building blocks. Do choose a scene and tap on a number flag 1 to 4 to be taken to a new area.All of these scenes are variations on the same basic assortment of toys, different colorful buil » Read More

Coldfire Keep, Second Chance Heroes, Mini-Ninjas, Letter Quest, And Tengami Are Our Games Of The Week

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Enormous isometric RPG Avadon 2: The Corruption coming to iPad later tonight

Isometric RPG Avadon 2: The Corruption is scheduled to go live on the App Store at midnight tonight.This gigantic tribute to the role-playing games of old comes equipped with retro visuals, complicated inventory management systems, and mini-maps aplenty.As for the game's plot, it's your standard fantasy fare: world on the brink of civil war, one lone defender against the forces of darkness, etc. » Read More


ConceptIn this game you control the security system of a nuclear reactor, presumably on some alien planet. Alien ships approach your reactor and attempt to crash into it. Using 4 nodes at the corners of your reactor’s base, you can activate or turn off sections of the square shield that will stop enemy invaders.Why not just turn all the shields on? Well, you have limited power for each level. If » Read More

'Endless Surf' Review - Running Water

Sports games tend to go in one of a few different directions. Some of them opt for hard realism, trying to capture every nuance of the sport in a very clinical way. The aim here is to try to give the player the exact feeling of playing the sport. Others go the route of Tony Hawk, where it's kind of realistic in some ways, but fantastical in others. These games are cool because you're usually foll » Read More

GiggleApps is now part of 148Apps!

We are proud to announce that GiggleApps is now part of 148Apps. For more details, check out the post on 148Apps.[ GiggleApps is now part of 148Apps! is a post from: GiggleApps ] » Read More

Draw Something 2 Hits The Canadian App Store

If you live in Canada and you’ve patiently been waiting for the follow-up game to OMGPOP’s popular social game Draw Something, then it’s a good day to be you because Draw Something 2 has been spotted in the Canadian App Store.Draw Something 2 actually launched in the Swedish App Store last month, but the game has only now made an appearance in the Canadian App Store. The social » Read More

Cut The Rope’s Om Nom To Time Travel Tonight At Midnight

Om Nom, the cute little green monster in the Cut the Rope game, is gearing up for some time travelling. At midnight tonight, the sequel to the widely popular puzzle game, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, will go live in the UK and U.S. App Stores.In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, you’ll travel alongside Om Nom as he jumps between time periods and meets up with his ancestors where you’ll have to » Read More

Chromian Wars

ConceptIn this real time strategy iPhone game, you’ll take control of a little Khaki-colored tank that must defend his base from tanks of other colors. The polygon graphics are colorful and fun and the backgrounds look great too.The player takes control of his tank and must accomplish various tasks like destroying an enemy base or protecting his own base. There are various bits of humor as the ta » Read More

'Fish Out of Water' Review - Fish Skipping, Halfbrick's New Sport

Halfbrick's games usually grab me immediately. Jetpack Joyride [Free] was the cave flier of my dreams, Fruit Ninja [$0.99] devoured my high-score hunting hours. I didn't immediately latch on to Fish Out of Water [$0.99], though. It doesn't have the same obvious hooks—the shiny coins and the upgrades that keep you hitting that play button over and over. Heck, it doesn't even have a typical h » Read More