FRAMED Review – Brilliantly innovative puzzle game

Ever since I saw the first trailer of Framed I was hooked. Such an awesome and novel concept for a puzzle game! So, it was with lots of anticipation that I hit the purchase button in the App Store. Was I satisfied? Yes. Did I expect something else? No, not really. Is it the best […]The post FRAMED Review – Brilliantly innovative puzzle game appeared first on What's On Iphone. » Read More

Samsung Galaxy S6 Benchmarks Surface; Device Features, Specs Revealed

Galaxy Series made Samsung a rockstar of the smart phone industry and their flagship device has always made headlines. Each year Samsung releases one flagship phone thankfully other than bunch of other phones and he we are once again with the specs and benchmarks which are believed to be of Galaxy S6. Last Year Samsung […] » Read More

Smash Hit Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor's Pick]

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Apple Testing iOS 6.0.1 To Release In After Holidays [Few Weeks

According to reliable source via BGR, Apple has begun its testing for iOS 6.0.1. The testing has begun with different carrier partners in the U.S.  The source confirmed that the new ver. iOS 6.0.1 will carry a list of entail updating: Fix the horizontal lines bug on the screen when the keyboard or app folder is open Fix [...]This is content summary for the post. Continue reading on » Read More

News: iLounge Game Spotlight: Doggins

Doggins ($4) from Brain & Brain is billed as a quiet adventure. Starring a dreaming dog, the iPad-only adventure game has been nominated for a SXSW Gamer’s Voice Award for best indie game, along with a number of other titles, including recently reviewed Tengami — a game which shares some similarities with Doggins. Doggins centers around a dreaming terrier of the same name who finds himself fa » Read More

How to restore your Apple TV to factory settings

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Met at the MWC14: PanzerGlass, making your iPhone screen almost tank-strong

As you may guess, the MWC is full of interesting things. We can’t cover all of them, but sometimes something catches our eye. We were wandering around, checking interesting stalls when we saw a hammer smashing an iPhone. The phone ended undamaged. The secret? PanzerGlass. We’ve been told PanzerGlass is composed of a sheet of […]The post Met at the MWC14: PanzerGlass, making your » Read More

Three Challenges Come in the way of International Conference Calling

Today , Global Business has  the employees, colleagues and partners  that are scattered across the world .It is usually not easy for the businessman  to arrange business trips from time to time as it involves time and of course the cost. Although it is necessary to discuss important matters of business with the partners, employee […] » Read More

Apple’s Reality Distortion Field [InfoGraphic]

It seems as if people are caught up in Apple’s web, it’s quite true apple is more like a cult and this infographic shows why people buy Apple products, what keeps them from guying them and how they feel about the products once they have bought them. There is a difference in the way fans of Apple [...]This is content summary for the post. Continue reading on » Read More

Matching iOS Card Game Threes! Receives Its First Update

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