Mystery Math Town Review

Mystery Math Town is a wonderful new math app that will engage both children and adults.I am really impressed with this app, as players here guide a friendly ghost who has agreed to help release fireflies that have been caught in jars hidden among rooms and outdoor spaces of wonderfully stylized houses – per the plead of their firefly mom as seen in an introduction to this creative math app » Read More

Sea Stars iPhone Game Review (4/5)

If you were to believe a certain catchy Disney song from the early 90s, you would think that things are much better under the sea. After a few minutes playing Sea Stars, you'd definitely be giving the argument some thought. There's something about the colors, the gliding mechanics and the collectables and upgrades that make this game just a joy to play.Control as well as the style of game is simi » Read More

Rocket Riot™ iPhone Game Review (4/5)

Pure unadulterated pixelated mayhem. This is what the general state of play in Rocket Riot represents. The pirate Blockbeard has stolen everyone's legs, so you need the use of a rocket just to get around. This premise sets the stage for level upon level of shooting fun as enemies gang up on you, sports games are played, and the environment blows up in consistent gooey chunks.Unfortunately this fu » Read More

MetalStorm: Online – Free

Occasionally it is nice to see an app on the Apple App Store that can be truly great, without feeling the need to add a huge price tag. MetalStorm: Online is certainly one of those games. Available on both iPhone and iPad, it is a truly terrific game that is available completely free – a nice change of form from most applications and games available.The game is simply a form of aircraft fighting » Read More

Assassin’s Creed – $4.99

As like many gamers we were ecstatic once we heard Assassin’s Creed was making the jump from iPhone to iPad, spending our time imagining amazing visuals and mind blowing assassinations. Did it satisfy expectations? Read the following and judge for yourself.For those who you not familiar with Assassins Creed, here’s what you need to know: the player is Altair, a badass master assassin who’s is on » Read More

'These Robotic Hearts of Mine' Review - A Successful Experiment in Narrative Puzzles

Stories are hard to come by on the App Store. Most games don't bother with even a pretense of a story, and those that do tend to be crammed in rather painfully. It's understandable -- most iOS games are created by tiny teams, often just a programmer and an artist, so there's not much room or budget for writing.Sometimes, though, a game comes by that shows that you don't need to sacrifice to tell » Read More

'Infinity Blade 2' Review - An iOS Masterpiece

We put incredibly powerful devices in our pockets and on our laps daily, but rarely do we see games that utterly embrace this like Infinity Blade has. It's a showcase piece; a technically and visually gifted game that consistently delivers eye-popping stuff.Infinity Blade 2 is a step a step or two beyond what was accomplished in the original, adding in layers and layers of next-level environmenta » Read More

Toontastic Review

Toontastic is a wonderfully creative and educational app for iPad which allows children of all ages 5 and up to create their own animated shorts, learning about the dramatic structure commonly used within storytelling.I am greatly impressed by this app, as this application allows kids to choose from different location and character elements as well as use their own drawings to create an animated » Read More

Fashion Math Pro

When my daughter found out that an expectation of being in the 4th grade was that she would have to memorize her multiplication tables, she said to me, “But mom, I don’t know how to memorize!” I explained to her that all of her learning up to this point has required some form of memorization, just never quite in this way. “Once you learn them, you will never forget,” I told her. I, too memoriz » Read More

Oh! Edo Towns just about maintains the Kariosoft fun

The last Kariosoft game we looked at was Grand Prix Story, a delightful motor racing simulator built on the success of the breakout Game Dev Story. Oh! Edo Towns is another ‘stick-to-the-formula’ title from the same Japanese developers keen to simulate every single activity known to man. We’ve had mega malls, video game development, hot springs, but we’ve never had towns. It’s an interesting area » Read More