How to lock your Mac screen with a keyboard shortcut

When you need to temporarily leave your Mac unattended, it’s a hassle to put it to sleep and wake it up again. What’s the quickest way? Set up a simple keyboard shortcut that shows your Mac’s login screen without logging you out.Mac users have a bunch of different ways to prevent others from snooping on their Mac when they need to step away for a few minutes. Some like to set up » Read More

52 Superb Free Icon Sets For Mac

If you own a Mac, you probably know that the software on these machines is often stunningly well designed, and in particular Mac icons are renowned for being gorgeous, or even ‘lickable’ to borrow the words of Jobs. These beautiful icons are made not only by Apple designers, but by designers from around the world, and due to the ease of replacing icons, your Mac experience can be very » Read More

Who Wins the Free Radio Battle? A Spotify Fan Checks Out Rdio

I love Spotify. In my opinion it’s just about the best thing to happen to radio in my lifetime. I use it more than Pandora, more than, even more than Grooveshark.So what happens when this loyal Spotify user finally agrees to cross over and take a look at Rdio? Read on to find out. Checking Out the CompetitionI had the privilege of checking out Spotify for the first time far before i » Read More

Cool iOS 5 features that are exclusive to the iPad

Since it has such a large screen, the iPad can handle a number of more advanced capabilities than smaller devices in the iOS family – the iPhone and iPod touch. In fact, some of iOS 5′s coolest features are exclusive to the iPad.Following our collection of 9 obscure iOS 5 tips & tricks, let’s take it a step further and get into what’s new for iPad users in particular. All of » Read More

Black Friday PC and Mac deals (Mac)

If elbowing fellow shoppers out of the way at Walmart isn't your style, you can enjoy Black Friday deals from the comfort of your living room with these discounts on PC and Mac game from around the Web. And if you happen to have an iPhone, check out our Top 20 Best iPhone game deals too! » Read More

Numeric Notes: Basic Note Taking and Calculations Rolled Into One

Today we’ll be looking at a wonderfully simple app that’s basically the result of a collision of a notes app and a calculator. The result is a simple and friendly way to take notes with basic built-in support for automatic mathematical functions.The app is called Numeric Notes and if you’re in the market to upgrade your basic calculator, you might want to take a look. Spreadshee » Read More

Apple Releases Aperture 3.2.1

Following the release of Aperture 3.2 on October 12, Apple last Thursday sent live Aperture 3.2.1, bringing with it a whole host of bug fixes for issues relating to Aperture’s “unexpected quitting” behavior, rendering, the crop tool and location menus.Changelog after the fold.Changelog – Resolves an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly at launch on Macs wit » Read More

9 obscure tips & tricks for iOS 5 power users

The fifth major release of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 5, has been in users’ hands for about a month. Now that we’ve all had time to play with the marquee features like Notification Center, let’s dig deeper to reveal more obscure new functionality.It seems like every time Apple releases a new product, there are little gems and nuggets of functionality that donR » Read More

Pay what you want for the Humble Introversion Bundle (Mac)

Another day, another awesome indie games bundle deal! This time you can pay whatever price you think is fair for a bundle of games that includes Darwinia, Multiwinia, DEFCON, and Uplink - the complete catalog of British indie studio Introversion. Pay more than the average price (which is currently a ridiculously low $3.40), and you'll also get Aquaria and Crayon Physics D » Read More

AppFanatix is for Winners!

If you love apps, gadgets, and great deals on software as much as we do at AppStorm, and you haven’t had a chance to sign up for the AppFanatix newsletter yet, then you’re missing out! AppFanatix is a classy fortnightly email newsletter that distills the very best content from around the network and will regularly bring you:An exclusive discount on a fantastic application.Some of the » Read More