Met at the MWC14: PanzerGlass, making your iPhone screen almost tank-strong

As you may guess, the MWC is full of interesting things. We can’t cover all of them, but sometimes something catches our eye. We were wandering around, checking interesting stalls when we saw a hammer smashing an iPhone. The phone ended undamaged. The secret? PanzerGlass. We’ve been told PanzerGlass is composed of a sheet of […]The post Met at the MWC14: PanzerGlass, making your » Read More

Three Challenges Come in the way of International Conference Calling

Today , Global Business has  the employees, colleagues and partners  that are scattered across the world .It is usually not easy for the businessman  to arrange business trips from time to time as it involves time and of course the cost. Although it is necessary to discuss important matters of business with the partners, employee […] » Read More

Matching iOS Card Game Threes! Receives Its First Update

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Apple’s Reality Distortion Field [InfoGraphic]

It seems as if people are caught up in Apple’s web, it’s quite true apple is more like a cult and this infographic shows why people buy Apple products, what keeps them from guying them and how they feel about the products once they have bought them. There is a difference in the way fans of Apple [...]This is content summary for the post. Continue reading on » Read More

Got a new Mac Pro? SMC update keeps Power Nap activities quiet

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News: Apple TV poll ends, iWatch poll begins

Our latest poll, What would you most like to see in a new Apple TV set-top box?, has now closed. With reports that a next-generation Apple TV could be adding game support, we wanted to know what our readers would most like to see in the next Apple set-top box. The majority of responses were for more content channels or a full App Store for the Apple TV, almost tied at thirty-two percent for each. » Read More

Giveaway: Win a promo code for PaintLife, a must-have photo editing app

PaintLife is a new powerful photo editing app that comes with a range of image-enhancement filters that are quick to use and can make your picture shine above the rest. It also offers a bunch of artistic filters letting you convert your photos into an artwork. It all makes PaintLife one of a must-have photography apps for iPhone and iPad. You can read our […]The post Giveaway: Win a promo c » Read More

Learn; How to Make a Conference Call?

Conference calling is considered very important from both personal and business aspects as it helps us to discuss something personal or business issue with our loved ones or with cooperate personnel.  Therefore, everyone must have some essential know how about it so that today we are going to guide you how to make a conference […] » Read More

News: iLounge Weekly coming Monday, giveaway update

The latest edition of iLounge Weekly, our weekly newsletter covering all things iLounge, will be arriving in subscribers’ inboxes early next week. iLounge Weekly is a summary of the week’s best news, reviews, and feature articles we’ve published, and it also features giveaways and accessory discount offers from various companies. There’s still plenty of time to sign up and receive this week’s edi » Read More

How to solve the Home and Power buttons when not working on iPhone and iPad

Two of the most popular iPhone and iPad hardware problems are related to the Home and Power buttons. Either they do not work at all or they read only some presses, or become hard to press, the issue is disturbing and needs to be solved somehow. If your iOS device does no longer is under [...]Related posts:Home button, the real weakness of the iPhone?How to create and remove calendars on iPhone an » Read More