Apps For Free Daily: Mimpi, Paper Monsters, And More

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7" Touch Screen Android Tablet Free

Hello everyone,Today I will be reviewing my new Android Tablet that I recently got from Tmart for free.Read More>> » Read More

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled Vs. iPhone 5S, Which Is Better, Is Samsung Streamlining?

This morning, at approximately 11AM Pacific Time, Samsung revealed the company’s “Next Big Thing” at their annual press conference in Barcelona, Spain. That’s right, Samsung’s “Galaxy” smartphone line has received its yearly refresh; the company revealed its brand new Galaxy S5 flagship handset! Sure to be one of Android’s top-selling... » Read More

Apple’s Recent Security Update Indicates It’s Time for Snow Leopard Users to Upgrade

If you own a Mac that still runs OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, this is probably a good time to start thinking about updating it to a later version, as it appears Apple is finished supporting the four-and-a-half-year-old operating system.Computerworld:As Apple issued an update for Mavericks, or OS X 10.9, as well as for its two predecessors, Mountain Lion (10.8) and Lion (10.7), Apple had nothing for Sn » Read More

Office for the iPad alleged to rollout before its Windows 8 Version

It’s no secret that Microsoft has recently lost its once-prominent standing the consumer electronic realms, yielding to today’s popular range of mobile operating systems, tablets and smartphones. A new rumor delving into a new version of the company’s hit Office productivity suite drives this point further.Based on different reports from ZDNet, it appears that the iPad iteration of Office – coden » Read More

iPhone 5S and iPad 5 will be uncovered during a special event

As one of the most successful companies across the globe, Apple is ready to enjoy the successful completion of 6 years of the launch of their iPhone. Recently Matthew Lucas reported that an employee of Apple told a reporter that their new iPhone i.e. iPhone 5s as well as new tablet i.e. iPad 5 will [...] » Read More

iPhone 5s Demand Higher Than Expected, Took Time to ‘Build the Mix’ Customers Wanted

Today’s earnings call revealed that Apple saw lower than expected iPhone 5c sales in the United States, primarily because iPhone 5s sales exceeded Apple’s projections.While Apple did not break down sales between individual iPhone models, the company did indicate that the iPhone 5c ended up representing a smaller mix of iPhone sales than anticipated.According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the companyR » Read More

Appstore for Pebble Smartwatch Ships With SDK 2.0 Beta 6

Pebble appstore has been made available with SDK 2.0 Beta 6 apps for iOS ( not Android yet ). Announced a month back, Pebble appstore is a one stop shop for users to find and download watchfaces and apps and also keep them updated, right from with the Pebble mobile apps. As with previous betas,(...) » Read More

On iOS 7 Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Even though our smartphones and tablets still offer higher-spec cameras, additional process cores, increased RAM and display that go manner on the far side the realms of high-definition, battery life enhancements aren’t nearly as spectacular. The introduction of Intel Haswell’s energy efficient tech has worked wonders for the MacBook vary, and though battery retention on iOS is among the simplest » Read More

The FCC Launches Official Speed Test App Of The Federal Government

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