Apple Releases iTunes 11.1.5, Fixes Bugs And Improves iBooks Compatibility

Apple today released a minor update to iTunes, only a day after the release of the larger OS X Mavericks update 10.9.2. iTunes 11.1.5 addresses a bug that would cause iTunes to quit unexpectedly when a device is connected, an issue that has certainly caused a bit of frustration for some users. Mavericks introduced support for iBooks on Mac. This release improves compability with iBooks for Mac on » Read More

App Review: Mortgage Calculator

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Facebook Review

Facebook Review By Jennifer Allen on April 20th, 2013 Our Rating: :: ESSENTIAL SOCIAL NETWORKINGUniversal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad The biggest social network of them all, the Facebook app manages a fine job of making it easy to browse from the comfort of one’s iOS device.   Developer: FacebookPrice: FREEVersion Reviewed: 6.0.1Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5 » Read More

CBC Profiles Seniors Enjoying Technology, Like This 98 Year Old iPad User

CBC News reached out to its audience to help break the misperception social media users only consist of younger generations and wanted to hear from people over the age of 60 enjoying the internet and technology like the rest of us. Out of the stories they received, a couple focused on Apple users, such as...The post CBC Profiles Seniors Enjoying Technology, Like This 98 Year Old iPad User appeare » Read More

Apple Released iOS 6.1.3 Beta 2 To Developers With The Lock Screen Flaw Fixed

  As told by Apple that it would fix the lock screen security problem by releasing an update. It has released iOS6.1.3 Beta 2 to developers with the fix for the lock screen security issue. » Read More

Flag Recognizer – A Built-in Flag Database For All Countries

Remember your geography lessons? When you had to memorize all the States or the countries of the worlds and their corresponding flags? I know, that was no easy task right? They are so many and some of the flag patterns are just…near impossible to memorize. That is why this iPhone application is one of the [...] » Read More

Win a Free Copy of Mail Pilot from iPad.AppStorm!

Last week, Phillip Johns looked at Mail Pilot, an alternative e-mail client for your iPad. Judging by the results of our weekly poll, out of a total of 340 votes, 249 of you (nearly three-quarters) thought that the iPad deserved something different to, and Mail Pilot for some may be the answer.Instead of focusing on working through your e-mails as and when you receive them, Mail Pilot le » Read More

Twitter #music Now Live In App Store, We Go Hands On

Available today, Twitter #music is a new service that aims to help music discovery based on Twitter. Using tweets and engagement, the app will uncover music of interest, coupled with the artists profiles along with artists they follow. Music is played back through a iTunes, Spotify or Rdio and Twitter promises to bring more sources online.Twitter #music contains four windows of music, presented i » Read More

Cyto Review – Regain your lost memories

In many of my previous reviews, I’ve mentioned more than once how I prefer casual games over dense and content rich thrillers. I don’t like the feeling of having complicated plots mess with my mind, constantly having to worry about planning my next move in game and whatnot. I prefer games I can pull out and enjoy on the go where I don’t have to frustrate myself trying to recall » Read More

BOOM! Cat Sweeper

Some cat-like creatures are lost in the grass. Use your fingertip to find them, and rescue them!nEnjoy the great lively sensation created by our newly-developed grass rendering engine.nnThere are 3 game modes available.nn[ FACE MODE ]nRescue all the cat-like creatures with one sweep of your finger.nAvoid stepping on the bombs, and don’t get caught by the monsters that will come chasing afte » Read More