Add a little sunshine to your day with Here comes the Sun!

Highs of ten degrees today, showery rain forecast – the United Kingdom is hardly known for its tropical paradise credentials. The country’s definition of summer is a soggy barbeque on a damp beach, wrapped up in woolly jumpers and protected by a windbreaker. The sun is certainly an elusive figure.Us Brits obsess about it. The weather’s the go-to topic when we meet someone new – “nice day we’re ha » Read More

'Saving Yello' Review - Fish Desperately Seeking Fishbowl (and Revenge)

Saving Yello [99¢] from Tactile Entertainment and published by Dreamfab is a new physics-based puzzler about a pet goldfish named 'Yello'.  Poor Yello has been plucked from his bowl and dumped on the floor by his young 7-year old owner who doesn't appreciate that fish are actually water-based creatures. Yello needs your help to return to his fishbowl, within a limited number of turns, but along t » Read More

Barnyard Dance – Boynton Review

Barnyard Dance is a charming and lovely interactive storybook app based on the board book of the same name by author and illustrator Sandra Boynton, one of series of apps by Loud Crow Interactive that have brought these most popular Boyton books to life.Barnyard Dance is a really fun tale about animals that square dance, written in a fun, simple rhyme reminiscent of square dancing calls. As is th » Read More

Gameloft gives a sneak look at Six Guns

Gameloft has posted an interview on their blog with the producer (who they don’t name for some reason, but we know the interviewer’s name is Callum) of their upcoming Wild-West-meets-vampires-werewolves-and-witches, Six Guns.The game has Gameloft’s usual modus operandi: Really great-looking graphics, available for iOS, and bare-facedly, shamelessly and unapologetically rips off » Read More

Tiny Token Empires iPhone Game Review (3/5)

The politics of the ancient world are always good fodder for gaming, mainly due to the main solution to the problems of two nations in that day was to go to war with each other. Tiny Token Empires makes light of these global conflicts in a turn based strategy game that meshes risk, puzzle quest, and the base building of the real time strategy genre.There are two main screens a player will become » Read More

Traffic Rush – $1.19

Why is it that the things that we hate in real life we love to experience in the gaming world? Traffic Rush is one of the fun addictive simple games for the iPhone. The aim of Traffic Rush is to avoid a crash in a four lane freeway during peak hour. This game is an example of why some of the most simple games just work. It has great replay value and is one of the most addictive on the market. Gam » Read More

'Chickon' Review - Funny, but Not Quite the Next 'Galcon'

I've seen a few strange hybrids in my day. Many of them have been described in sentences that end with "... meets Angry Birds," but I'm not complaining. Some of the most interesting games on the App Store have taken unusual inspirations and combined them. Still, I'm not sure what inspired developer Phil Hassey to create a version of Galcon [$1.99 / Lite], his 2008 galactic strategy game, that rep » Read More

Thumbelina, told by Kelly McGillis Review

Thumbelina, told by Kelly McGillis, is a wonderful adaptation of this classic Hans Christian Andersen tale, developed by Ruckus Mobile Media. This version of this classic story is also part of the library of tales created by Rabbit Ears Entertainment, known for incorporating award-winning stories, amazing celebrity narrations and phenomenal music and art. These applications are universal apps and » Read More

Surprise! Kids want Apple products for Christmas

An interesting Nielsen survey has revealed that 44 percent of kids from ages 6 through to 12 want an iPad for Christmas. In other news, who the heck spends between $500 and $600 on a child for Christmas? Not to be outdone by the iPad, the iPod touch and iPhone come in at the second and third spot, respectively, on kids’ Christmas lists.From Nielsen:Consistent with U.S. kids’ 2010 wish lists » Read More