Artrage for iPad Review – Realistic Painting App

ArtRage for the iPad offers a natural and realistic painting environment for artists, packed with tons of tools, brushes and various settings to help you achieve your desired look. Canvas One of its best feature is the ability to change canvas texture. There are various canvas presets, such as fine, smooth, lumpy, crumpled, sketching, mottled [...] » Read More

The One and Only

Several weeks ago we run a poll that asked the very simple question; could you use the iPad as your only computer?It made me wonder about whether I really could, what the toll on my productivity would be, and how it would change the way I did things. Could I truly ditch my MacBook and move over the the iPad permanently? Next week I’m actually going to try it, I’m going to power down m » Read More

Black Friday Weekend Giveaway – Win a Dan Garson’s Woodstock Experience Promo Code

If you are a music lover, history buff or maybe want to relive your own Woodstock experience, this contest is definitely the one for you.  We have partnered with loveyoulive digital arts to bring you Dan Garson’s Woodstock Experience.Based on the experience of Dan Garson, this app recounts the Woodstock festival as told through the diary and pictures of a photography and music-obsessed 17-y » Read More

Minesweeper Q for iPad – An explosion of classic gaming fun

As a child my favorite PC game was minesweeper.  I wasn’t very good mind you, but that didn’t deter me from playing it over and over again. Minesweeper Q for iPad has rekindled my fascination with the game, one which seems custom-tailored for the iPad’s multi-touch screen.For those unfamiliar with minesweeper, the object of the single-player game is to clear an abstract minefiel » Read More

Live ABC HD for iPad on Sale ($1.99 -> $0.99)

Rating: / Artist: Third Bird Party! / Version: 1.1In the animated and narrated book Live Alphabet, the youngest readers will be introduced to their ABCs in a fun and entertaining way! Every letter reveals a cartoon with characters that your children will love. Here, you can meet a giraffe; drive an airplane or a car; try different outfits on a doll or different mustache on a gentleman; learn how » Read More

Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store

Games2be is an independent iOS developer from Switzerland whose hit iPhone game called Plopp has now released the much anticipated HD version for the iPad. Plopp HD was released a few days ago and it may be even more addicting than the iPhone version. What a great name for an iPad game and the quality and design of this best iPad app are equally as cool.From the moment I tapped on this app and sa » Read More

iPad Black Friday Deals

Again is that time of the year and here we have gathered some of the best Black Friday deals to take advantage of for your own personal or gifting purposes. Amazon Amazon is one of the biggest ontile store when comes to electronics. Here are the latest Black Friday deals for iPad. 40% OFF $29.99 [...] » Read More

Why a Retina Display iPad Changes Everything…

Ever since the Retina Display was unveiled on the iPhone 4, one question has been on everyone’s mind: when is it coming to the iPad? One of the most-rumored features of the iPad 2 was this high-resolution display, and many (including myself) were disappointed that this wasn’t the reality.With the iPad 2’s release almost a year ago, we’re due for an upgrade some time late winter or early spring. I » Read More

iPad 3D Coming in the Future?

During the past year, there have been several rumors which state that Apple is considering incorporating 3D technology into the display of the iPad 3. There was a rumor from a manufacturing insider, a prototype built by CPT, and an unearthed Apple patent that described a multi-layered screen that could be used to create 3D effects.This week, there are some new rumors floating around on the intern » Read More

Softsign – Sign documents and more on your iPad and iPhone

Many would not find an app touting the “the ability to sign legal documents, contracts and forms on your iPhone and iPad” as exciting, but Softsign IS exciting, offering much more than document signing.Softsign (free for a limited time) offers users document signing capability, the option to sign documents, mark up and annotate PDFs.Security is also one of the more splendid features of the app. L » Read More