Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store

Games2be is an independent iOS developer from Switzerland whose hit iPhone game called Plopp has now released the much anticipated HD version for the iPad. Plopp HD was released a few days ago and it may be even more addicting than the iPhone version. What a great name for an iPad game and the quality and design of this best iPad app are equally as cool.From the moment I tapped on this app and sa » Read More

MiLi Power Pack 4 Slider Case Packs Power To Go For iPhone 4/S

One of the biggest customer complaints about the iPhone 4S is battery life. The battery never manages to last even a whole day and sometimes not even a half of a day. Although the iPhone 4 has always managed to last nearly a whole day, it isn’t much better. Apple is working on an iOS 5 software fix that might eventually take care of the battery draining issues that face iPhone 4S customers. Their » Read More

How to Create Fake Siri Command Screenshots

Siri Assistant the most succesful Feature Ever of Apple Devices. It created most popular it self of its creativity. The Siri Assistant knows what you are talking, it knows what you want to talk, he knows everything, he follows your commands and everything. Here we founded a Fake Siri website, where you can create a screenshot like Siri on iPhone 4S. It is very simple and easy to make Fake Siri Sc » Read More

iOS 5.0.1 OTA Update Messes Up Address Book for Verizon iPhone 4S Users – Here’s How To Fix it

iOS 5.0.1 OTA Update Messes Up Address Book for Verizon iPhone 4S Users – Here’s How To Fix itiOS 5.0.1 update hasn’t done much wonders for users for their battery life woes but it has introduced a new bug which messes up the address book for iPhone 4S users on Verizon. What it does is that it removes the contact’s name and shows just their number in the text contact field or when [.. » Read More

iPad Black Friday Deals

Again is that time of the year and here we have gathered some of the best Black Friday deals to take advantage of for your own personal or gifting purposes. Amazon Amazon is one of the biggest ontile store when comes to electronics. Here are the latest Black Friday deals for iPad. 40% OFF $29.99 [...] » Read More

Apple Releases Aperture 3.2.1

Following the release of Aperture 3.2 on October 12, Apple last Thursday sent live Aperture 3.2.1, bringing with it a whole host of bug fixes for issues relating to Aperture’s “unexpected quitting” behavior, rendering, the crop tool and location menus.Changelog after the fold.Changelog – Resolves an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly at launch on Macs wit » Read More

Thinnest Android phone’s Leaked Image ” HTC Ville”

From last few months I have shifted to Anroid , and using one of HTC’s Android phone and to be honest I like Android even excepting that it has some flows.One of the amazing thing about Android is that its users have the option to choose from a vast amount of devices.And because of this every [...] » Read More

Download C-Dev Reporter to Help Jailbreakers for Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak for All iOS Devices! Chronic Dev Team

Chronic Dev Team is the group of highly skilled hackers and developers who have earlier released their famous jailbreaking tool GreenPois0n for iOS 4.2.1. Today, the team has released an entirely new program “C-Dev Reporter” which lets the jailbreaking devotees to send their iOS device crash reports instantly to Chronic Dev Team rather than Apple. Why [...] » Read More

9 obscure tips & tricks for iOS 5 power users

The fifth major release of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 5, has been in users’ hands for about a month. Now that we’ve all had time to play with the marquee features like Notification Center, let’s dig deeper to reveal more obscure new functionality.It seems like every time Apple releases a new product, there are little gems and nuggets of functionality that donR » Read More

Tiny Token Empires iPhone Game Review (3/5)

The politics of the ancient world are always good fodder for gaming, mainly due to the main solution to the problems of two nations in that day was to go to war with each other. Tiny Token Empires makes light of these global conflicts in a turn based strategy game that meshes risk, puzzle quest, and the base building of the real time strategy genre.There are two main screens a player will become » Read More