Apps For Free Daily: Hungribles, Panoramic City Views USA, And More

Today’s iPhone, iPad, and iTouch apps for free daily include a physics slingshot game, 19th century landscape viewer, minimalistic weather app, and a tower defense shooter. Everyday, numerous apps drop from paid to free, and now it’s time to find out what free goodies you can download today. Rather than giving you a list of all the apps that drop to free, we give you four hand picked iOS apps, an » Read More

Ski On Neon - Esoteric Development

***Ski On Neon is FREE through Thanksgiving (an American holiday of minor note), so get yours now and tell your friends***LET'S HIT THE SLOPES!!!! - A high speed skier (with questionable fashion sense) jetting though 18 unique and challenging levels! Mastered all the courses? Well the 'Red Menace' level pack gives you the option of 18 more for just a nominal fee. New backgrounds, new achievements » Read More

Sky Go review – High-quality TV streaming for Sky customers

Smartphones and tablets have been at the forefront of making television an increasingly mobile and accessible process. With streaming service like BBC iPlayer and 4oD already gracing smartphones for a while, it was inevitable that the premium British cable service, Sky, would also jump on the bandwagon.Sky Go is a free TV-streaming app that can be used by anyone with a Sky subscription. You can l » Read More

Traffic Rush – $1.19

Why is it that the things that we hate in real life we love to experience in the gaming world? Traffic Rush is one of the fun addictive simple games for the iPhone. The aim of Traffic Rush is to avoid a crash in a four lane freeway during peak hour. This game is an example of why some of the most simple games just work. It has great replay value and is one of the most addictive on the market. Gam » Read More

Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera W530 - Black $119.99

Combining a variety of intelligent, easy-to-use features, the DSC-W530 Cyber-shot digital camera makes it a breeze to shoot life as it happens. Capture landscapes with one touch using sweep panorama mode and snap that perfect portrait with Smile ... » Read More

Printopia 2.1.5 offers major improvements to a Gems favorite

Ecamm Network took one of our favorite utilities, Printopia, and made it even better. Printopia still lets you print to any Mac-shared printer from your iOS devices, but it now lets you "print" to Mac applications and PDF Workflows, password-protect your virtual printers, and even print from other Macs. » Read More

iPhone App Review: So You’re Dating A Vampire

So you’re thinking about downloading So You’re Dating A Vampire? Described as “The Comedy Film Date You Create”, Neutral Ground Films latest endeavor is a “choose your own adventure”-style short film in which you guide the main character, “Grace”, as she gets ready for and then goes on a date with “Vincent”, whose status as a vampire is » Read More

Choose and buy protective film on the mobile phone

If you careful you will find a lot of places the skin cell phone. But someone always in order to profit, choose inferior protective film to the customer.A woman will mobile phone to a roadside stall paster, let it to mobile phone "beauty". Man to give hemp the cell phone, the one with thick film, and the woman, and then leave. After a few minutes, women's return to say: "how to put up the skin, t » Read More

Patchy The Patch Doll

I have to admit, when I first looked at Patchy the Patch Doll, I was very sceptical that it would hold my twins attention. I didn't think that it would interest them for more than a few minutes. It is such a simple App, which looking back may be the reason that it does such [...] » Read More

Top Ten iPhone and iPad Apps Released This Week

Looking for a new app this weekend?  Here are ten great new apps for the iPhone and iPad that you may want to check out!MyDestructibleText.Send SMS messages to another iPhone that disappear once they’ve been read.  The app is free to download, but needs in-app purchased credits to work.  Free, UK-only.Instacast HD.The popular [...] » Read More