Apple iPad Is a Magnificent Xmas Gift

Even though you are searching for different devices and gadgets you can browse via iPads on the other hand, you can browse as a result of this hyperlink Apple iPads whilst you are looking for computing gadgets. And this is explanation why they make tremendous gift ideas. » Read More

How My First iPod Changed Me Forever

With the holiday season upon us and Black Friday ads are appearing everywhere, I wanted to tell a story about my first Apple product. After living in a third world country for two years I returned to US and instantly heard talk about Microsoft’s Xbox, Apple’s iPod, and this reality TV show American Idol. All these things were as foreign to me as I hadn’t been a part of any of the pre-release hy » Read More

iPhone 4S is plagued with another problem: ‘no SIM card installed’ messages

Apparently the battery life problem isn’t the only problem that iPhone 4S users are facing. There is also another problem on which a lot of iPhone 4S users are reporting which is the ‘no SIM card installed’ messages. This problem is occurring on multiple iPhone devices with Woo Servers said that at least 2 of [...]Related posts:Activation using Phonebook SIM Card has been blocked by AppleActivate » Read More

How to update Your ipad Software Over the air

Apple has Recently on ios 5 included new features to update apple Software on the air, You Don’t have to Now attach your Idevice to Computer and Click on update Button. Now you can Easily Update your Software at anytime anywhere.initiating an OTA update for iOS is really easy. You might see a red notification badge on your Settings app to alert you to an update, or get a popup notification » Read More

WARNING: Don’t Update to iOS 5.0.1 Yet – Jailbreakers Warned To Avoid Upgrading To iOS 5.0.1 By pod2g and MuscleNerd

We recently reported that ex-Chronic Dev Team member pod2g tweeted out that he found an untether bug for iOS 5.Other than the information given previously, it is unknown on how far he’s gotten as well as when we can expect public release. Although he’s remained MIA for the last couple of months or so, he seems to be actively keeping us updated on what’s in store. Eight hours ago, he tweeted out a » Read More

Review: New Free Mac Text Editor

New on the Mac App Store is Tincta, a text editor for coders and writers. It’s small, lightweight, fast – and free.The single window layout lists open files in a panel on the left. The preferences are simple and basic. This is an application that’s still very much feeling its way into the big wide world.That doesn’t mean that it’s incapable, though. Tincta comes with support for 70 programming la » Read More

Ginormous iPad App Released

If you are like me we’re all looking for more ways to have a laugh during the holidays. I was recently at a friends 40th birthday party and he got a prank call from a hired professional who does Christopher Walken impressions. We all laughed so hard it was painful. It changed the party atmosphere from average to epic. We found an app that was just released exclusively for the iPad that we t » Read More

Apple Introduces Replacement Program for First Generation iPod Nano Due To Overheating Problem

Apple Introduces Replacement Program for First Generation iPod Nano Due To Overheating ProblemiPod nano was first launched in September 2005 and sold from that time onwards to December 2006. 5 years later, Apple has introduced a replacement program for iPod nano sold during that time as the batteries in these devices may overheat and pose a safety risk ( in rare cases ). To avoid any such [...]iT » Read More

Download Gmail App for iPhone 4S & iPad 2

Apple Released Gmail Application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which is developed by Google, and now officially available at iTunes Store for free Download. For Email mostly people prefering Gmail Account and also loves to chat on Gmail, now it’s available for iOS Devices too, which have very good features to use Gmail in better way.It likes same as your Desktop, infact better than the De » Read More

Lion Designer: Customise Your Launchpad, Mission Control and Dashboard Backgrounds

Developed by Moritz Wette, Lion Designer is a new shareware app that allows you to fully customise OS X Lion’s Launchpad, Mission Control and Dashboard background images. Lion Designer controls five backgrounds within Apple’s latest OS, including Launchpad’s default “folder” background, and the software even allows you to customise your own login screen.Wette notes t » Read More