iChat Services Could Be Coming To iMessage In iOS According To Hidden Code

With iChat on Mac OS X, you can connect with all your different instant messaging accounts into one, like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Today, Developer John Heaton has discovered some code strings in iOS 5 that indicate iChat functionality could be coming to iOS. The code specifically mentions services such as AIM and Jabber, and those aren’t included in any other part of the standard iOS. Apple is clea » Read More

Jailbreak iPhone 4s

Jailbreak iPhone 4s allows you to get more from your get in touch with together with release all of the features an individual secretly longed you have on your own device straight from often the factory without any subsequent points and also things that could very well show up. » Read More

Blackberry Phones For Sale

Blackberry phones for sale without contract are of course much more expensive but these blackberry phones can be customized with any provider you choose and hence should come out as cheaper then with fixed contract. » Read More

Wholesale Price Apple | Affiliated Business

Apple in Bulk is definitely the major international resellers that offers wholesale price Apple electronics particularly in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, US and UK. Apple in Bulk is the leading trader on wholesale iPads, iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the ground breaking iPad and iPhone. » Read More

The BlackBerry Torch 9810

The BlackBerry Torch 9810 won't wow newcomers with its tired old design, but its affordable price and much-improved specs should keep BlackBerry enthusiasts satisfied. » Read More

Apple - iPhone 4S - The most amazing iPhone yet.

The dual-core A5 chip delivers even more power. The 8MP camera with all-new optics also shoots 1080p HD video. And with Siri, iPhone 4S does what you ask. Talk about amazing. » Read More