Twitter #music Now Live In App Store, We Go Hands On

Available today, Twitter #music is a new service that aims to help music discovery based on Twitter. Using tweets and engagement, the app will uncover music of interest, coupled with the artists profiles along with artists they follow. Music is played back through a iTunes, Spotify or Rdio and Twitter promises to bring more sources online.Twitter #music contains four windows of music, presented i » Read More

Cyto Review – Regain your lost memories

In many of my previous reviews, I’ve mentioned more than once how I prefer casual games over dense and content rich thrillers. I don’t like the feeling of having complicated plots mess with my mind, constantly having to worry about planning my next move in game and whatnot. I prefer games I can pull out and enjoy on the go where I don’t have to frustrate myself trying to recall » Read More

BOOM! Cat Sweeper

Some cat-like creatures are lost in the grass. Use your fingertip to find them, and rescue them!nEnjoy the great lively sensation created by our newly-developed grass rendering engine.nnThere are 3 game modes available.nn[ FACE MODE ]nRescue all the cat-like creatures with one sweep of your finger.nAvoid stepping on the bombs, and don’t get caught by the monsters that will come chasing afte » Read More

InstaFood App

It seems to be an obsession with many people to share photos of the food that they are about to eat on social media. Either you have a friend that does it or you’re that friend that does it. I’m not sure what the point really is unless you’re into food photography. We even make [...] » Read More

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions Review – Stays true to FF tradition

The Final Fantasy series is probably one of the most successful RPG franchises in the world. So when the game’s creators, Square Enix, decided to port some of the games to iOS, you better have believed it was a huge deal. Recently, an updated version of the tactical spin-off of the game was introduced to the App Store, and it was definitely was not a disappointment.Final Fantasy Tactics: Th » Read More

Sky Rush Review – A highly engaging shoot’em up

The iPhone 4 brought with it, among other things, enhanced graphics, high-resolution camera, and a huge pile of augmented reality apps. Augmented reality is a term used to describe apps that show the view through your camera, and then superimpose data on top based on the image in view. Great examples of this are apps that will show you restaurant locations while you are walking around, or on scre » Read More

iPhone App Review: Idiot Test – Way Too Funny!

Lateral-thinking puzzles are far older than the App Store. I remember books of them stumping me and making me feel stupid decades ago. The new game from developer CreativeNose, Idiot Test – Way Too Funny!, takes lateral-thinking puzzles and updates them for the current generation of iOS devices. Featuring three difficulty levels with names like “Oh Dear!”, “Oh No!”, » Read More


The iPhone, iPod touch and iPad all make great music players. You can sync music to them from your computer as well as download music directly from the iTunes store. You can now even stream music from your iTunes collection via iCloud/iTunes Match. While this is all great for getting music into the devices and [...] » Read More

iPhone App Review: Bombshot Basketball

The iTunes App Store just got a dose of three-point madness with the new game from Sage Games, Bombshot Basketball. Using the iPhone and iPad’s touch screen to aim and shoot, you can play in one of several different modes. From a classic game where you attempt to get the best of 25 shots, to arcade mode where you rack up points and use power-up balls, to several different individual challen » Read More

Softsign Lets You Sign and Annotate PDFs

  Although my favorite all around do everything PDF App is PDF Expert, I can certainly recognize Apps that are targeted at specific tasks and especially when they're FREE for a limited time. That's where Softsign comes in Softsign is designed to allow you to annotate and digitally sign PDF documents on your iPad, iPod [...] » Read More