TED iPhone App Launches to Showcase ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’

TED has officially announced the launch of their app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Originally, the app was only available for the iPad (launched last October). TED for iPhone was available in the App Store two weeks ago, but now it’s ready for primetime: The entire library is available for browsing and searching in both...TED iPhone App Launches to Showcase ‘Ideas Worth SpreadingR » Read More

Blow Your Enemies With War Of Words Free

I have played many crossword games like Scrabble, but I’ve never seen such a game in which players can bomb and steal the other players’ words. You can do these kinds of things with ‘War of Words Free’ by Wolf Studios, LLC.I have played many crossword games like Scrabble, but I’ve never seen such a [...] » Read More

Become A Professional Singer With MyLAB Pro

Have you ever dreamed of singing like your favorite singers? Your dream will come true with MyLAB Pro, an iPhone app by UBINURI. MyLAB Pro will help you learn to sing like a legend, using a self-study approach.Now let us see the features of MyLAB Pro app. All you gotta do is select a song [...] » Read More

ShadowGun: A Solid Shooter for the iPad

Hardware makers and software developers are starting to turn the iPad into a full-fledged gaming console. Once home to little more than Angry Birds and other casual games, the iPad (and iOS devices in general) have started playing host to more ‘serious’ games in previous months. One of those games is ShadowGun, a third-person shooter that challenges the idea that the iPad can’t be a full console. » Read More

Bored of Email? Send a Postcard With Touchnote

Sometimes sending an email just feels so impersonal…Sending your friend, or loved one, a postcard is a much nicer way of expressing your [insert emotion] than merely emailing them a link to an hilarious Onion article. This is where Touchnote comes in.With the release of Cards, Apple has made it clear that they a least see a market in this sphere, even if they aren’t going to pursue it » Read More

Microsoft Office Coming To The iPad

According to The Daily, Microsoft is prepping their well known Office suite for the iPad. Microsoft has a number of popular apps in the App Store and millions of Mac/PC owners currently use Office. Expectations are that the release would join a new desktop version, presumable Office 2012 for Mac, with increased support for Lion. The current Office for Mac 2011 was plagued with a number of issues » Read More

Infinity Blade 2 Reviewed, Coming To App Store Tonight

Get your blades sharpened! The sequel to Infinity Blade is headed to the App Store and will be released around 11:00 pm EST in the US. It’s already available in the App Store in international markets. Several outlets have been privy to pre-release copies of the upcoming game for iOS and we are starting to see reviews of this impressive follow-up.It’s a showcase piece; a technically an » Read More

Food52 Holiday Recipe & Survival Guide Review

Food52 Holiday Recipe & Survival Guide Review By Jennifer Allen on November 25th, 2011 Our Rating: :: USEFULiPad Only App - Designed for the iPad An attractive and useful guide to how to survive the festive season and the huge amount of cooking it frequently involves.   Developer: Open Air PublishingPrice: $9.99Version Reviewed: 2.0.3Device Reviewed On: iPad 2iPho » Read More

Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) iPhone App Launched

The Canadian Automobile Association has launched an iPhone app to assist both members and non-members in the event of a need for roadside assistance and more. Available in both French and English, the app allows for members to login and for non-members to explore the app. The bottom line, it’s an all-in-one app for CAA...Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) iPhone App Launched is a post fr » Read More

Shake the States iPhone – An educational New and Noteworthy iPhone App

Third Chicken announces their 4th of July release, Shake the States for iPhone 1.0, has earned a place in Apple's New & Noteworthy category. Shake the States provides a fun way for children and adults to learn US geography. Level 2 challenges children as well as adults. It's a multi-generational game. State names are pronounced when the puzzle pieces are selected for placement on the game boa » Read More