Get Call of Duty 4, Civilization V, Star Wars the Force Unleashed and Many More Titles for 50% Off This Weekend [Deals]

Once you’re done stuffing your face full of turkey and gravy and recovered from your food coma, you’re going to need some entertainment for the rest of the weekend. How about some new games? Aspyr is currently having an awesome 50% off deal on some of their games biggest games. We’re not talking crappy boring titles either, we’re talking legit amazing games for 50% off. C » Read More

The Ghost ‘Q’ Icon! Another iPhone Bug?

One person came across one of the more unusual of the many iPhone bugs. This one seems to be a ‘Q’ on the top- left corner of the screen of the iPhone 4. The ‘Q’ is a ghost icon that does not respond to tapping or to holding down and it stays there until the [...]This is content summary for the post. Continue reading on » Read More

Daily Tip: How to gift an iPhone or iPad app

Ever wondered how to gift an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad app? Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday, or just because you find the perfect app for the perfect person, Apple makes it easy to gift apps right from inside the App Store. Gift an app from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad If you have an iOS device, you can gift apps right from within the App Store. Launch the App Store app Brow » Read More

News: Apple opens doors to subscription gaming on iOS?

Apple is expanding its in-app subscription model to include game titles, according to a report from Bloomberg. Seattle-based game publisher Big Fish Games has received approval from Apple to offer users access to multiple game titles for a single recurring monthly fee. Dubbed Play Instantly, the subscription service will be offered through a single iOS app that will deliver unlimited access to a » Read More

iPhone 4S is plagued with another problem: ‘no SIM card installed’ messages

Apparently the battery life problem isn’t the only problem that iPhone 4S users are facing. There is also another problem on which a lot of iPhone 4S users are reporting which is the ‘no SIM card installed’ messages. This problem is occurring on multiple iPhone devices with Woo Servers said that at least 2 of [...]Related posts:Activation using Phonebook SIM Card has been blocked by AppleActivate » Read More

Apple to make 4 inch iPhone and smaller iPad

An article written by Korea Times earlier this week revealed that Apple is negotiating with LG to make displays for a bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad.The article was later deleted due to unknown reason. The next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 is rumoured to have a bigger screen of 5″. Apple have realized that bigger the [...] » Read More