Rescue City

In Rescue City you are in charge of helping the citizens from the cities. It’s an action / strategy line-drawing game where you must think fast! It’s very easy to learn but very tough to master. Your job is to drive the Ambulances, Fire Trucks and a Police Car. Each vehicle has a way to play: The Ambulance is very simple – when an Ambulance Call shows up, just take it to the » Read More

Homerun Battle 2 Review

Homerun Battle 2, Com2uS’ follow-up to their popular baseball-bashing title, is now available from the app store. Featuring new stadiums, new characters, new game modes, and plenty of new gear to work toward, Homerun Battle 2 offers the same great experience as the first with just enough fresh content to encourage veterans to make the [...] » Read More

Ski On Neon - Esoteric Development

***Ski On Neon is FREE through Thanksgiving (an American holiday of minor note), so get yours now and tell your friends***LET'S HIT THE SLOPES!!!! - A high speed skier (with questionable fashion sense) jetting though 18 unique and challenging levels! Mastered all the courses? Well the 'Red Menace' level pack gives you the option of 18 more for just a nominal fee. New backgrounds, new achievements » Read More

Printopia 2.1.5 offers major improvements to a Gems favorite

Ecamm Network took one of our favorite utilities, Printopia, and made it even better. Printopia still lets you print to any Mac-shared printer from your iOS devices, but it now lets you "print" to Mac applications and PDF Workflows, password-protect your virtual printers, and even print from other Macs. » Read More

Roundup: Apps to Help You Prepare Your Thanksgiving Meal

With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, many Americans will be doing a lot of grocery shopping this week to get turkeys, potatoes, and other ingredients for traditional dishes eaten on this holiday that originated with the colonists in the 17th century. As always, your iPhone and iPad can be valuable tools to help you stay on track and we’ve put together a round-up of a few apps to keep yo » Read More

Gameloft Announces Biggest Sale Ever To Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year; 20 iOS Games For Only $0.99

Gameloft has just announced that it is offering 20 of their best iOS games for only $0.99 to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We expect other developers to announce discounts for their iOS apps and games as well. Here’s the list … Continue reading → » Read More

Mobobo introduces Appy Christmas 1.0 for iOS – Ultimate Christmas App

Birmingham, United Kingdom – Mobobo today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Appy Christmas 1.0, their new entertainment app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Completely Free, Appy Christmas is the talking santa app with everything. Kids will love Talking Santa, who repeats back what you say, in a silly Voice, but watch out! Santa remembers » Read More

Cowboy’s Whip

If you are looking for an interesting iphone action game or iphone apps which can be played instantly in any free spare time, Cowboy’s whip is the answer for you. What is the secret to rule a western town? A gun? No way. This time you need a magic whip.In Cowboy’s Whip, your finger is that magical whip. Your missions is to break the throwing cowboy objects: wheels, barrel, beer cup » Read More