Exclusive Preview Of Free Music Downloader Shake It Player Pro

I am happy to know that my favorite music player, ‘Mosaic Player’ which we reviewed last week, has now been updated as ‘Shake it Player Pro’ with some cool new features along with its existing features.Now let’s take a look at its new features. The main feature which has been the reason to change the [...] » Read More

What Would Be the Best Thing About a Retina Display iPad?

What Would Be the Best Thing About a Retina Display iPad?Earlier this week Nathaniel Mott took a look at the difference a retina display on the iPad would make, and made some great points.He noted that:All in all, I believe that the Retina Display-equipped iPad would be a game changer across the board.I’m intrigued to find out what the readers of AppStorm think will be the best thing about » Read More

Apple Pulls Big Fish Subscription Based Game From App Store

Just days after Bloomberg reported that Apple was going to allow for a subscription based gaming app, Bloomberg has issued a follow-up to their story, letting us know that the app from Big Fish Games has been pulled. The application was going to cost $4.99 per month and allow users to play a dozen or so games. The price was expected to go up to $6.99 once new games were added.Big Fish Games found » Read More

iPad App Review: Turtle World

We love it here at Maciverse when developers ask us to review their games and we were excited when the team over at PlaySnack Games invited us to take their latest iPad and iPhone app Turtle World for a spin.Turtle World is an action/puzzle game that requires you to navigate a turtle around the screen for as long as possible while avoiding, attacking, and eating your way to the unlock the next wo » Read More

Sky Go review – High-quality TV streaming for Sky customers

Smartphones and tablets have been at the forefront of making television an increasingly mobile and accessible process. With streaming service like BBC iPlayer and 4oD already gracing smartphones for a while, it was inevitable that the premium British cable service, Sky, would also jump on the bandwagon.Sky Go is a free TV-streaming app that can be used by anyone with a Sky subscription. You can l » Read More

iPhone App Review: So You’re Dating A Vampire

So you’re thinking about downloading So You’re Dating A Vampire? Described as “The Comedy Film Date You Create”, Neutral Ground Films latest endeavor is a “choose your own adventure”-style short film in which you guide the main character, “Grace”, as she gets ready for and then goes on a date with “Vincent”, whose status as a vampire is » Read More

Patchy The Patch Doll

I have to admit, when I first looked at Patchy the Patch Doll, I was very sceptical that it would hold my twins attention. I didn't think that it would interest them for more than a few minutes. It is such a simple App, which looking back may be the reason that it does such [...] » Read More

Bag It! HD Review

Bag It! HD Review By Jason Wadsworth on November 23rd, 2011 Our Rating: :: STRATEGIC STACKINGUniversal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad Get all the groceries into the bag and don’t let them get smashed.   Developer: Hidden Variable StudiosPrice: $0.99Version Reviewed: 1.2Device Reviewed On: iPhone 3GSGraphics / Sound Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsGame Controls Ratin » Read More

6th Planet for iPhone released – Free Download Weekend

Monkube today announces 6th Planet 1.1, an update to their fun arcade game for iOS devices. In 6th Planet, the player has to guide a spacecraft to a landing zone without running out of fuel. Based on the Commodore 64 classic Lunar Lander, 6th Planet offers polished gameplay, offering a new Story Mode with 30 levels and two new ships. To celebrate the launch of this update, Monkube has partnered w » Read More

The All In One Music Player – Mosaic Player Pro

Normally iOS devices don’t allow users to add Web-downloaded songs to the playlist of the iTunes. To get them, songs should be downloaded to PC or Mac, added to iTunes and then synced with the iPhone. My friend told me that there is a way to bypass all these tiresome work and I was amazed [...] » Read More