Sprint Created A New Commercial Called “Unlimited iPhone”

With AT&T marketing the iPhone 4S as the iPhone with the fastest data speeds and Verizon boasting about their superb coverage, Sprint decided to flaunt the fact that they’re the only cellular company (in the US) that still offers unlimited data plans to iPhone users. Check out the commercial they created called “Unlimited iPhone” (embedded above) and stay tuned for more iPho » Read More

Apple: We are set to lose $2.7 billion if judge sides with Motorola in patent case

After Motorola won a possible injunction against Apple in Germany, Apple told the German court that it may lose $2.7 billion if there is a ruling in the favour of Motorola. This is regarding the case that is related to emailing syncing patent. This new has been reported by Bloomberg. Apple in return have requested that the court ask Motorola to provide $2.7 billion in collateral that is if the ju » Read More

The new platform 4GLTE Gobi4000 from Qualcomm is expected in the iPad3

The next generation tablet from Apple may come with the 4GLTE Gobi4000 Qualcomm chip, as per recent reports of CNet. A recent press release by Qualcomm talked about the new chipset that they had developed called 4GLTE Gobi4000, which would prove ideal for the operating systems of the personal computers, e-readers and tablets. According to [...] » Read More

Apple iPad Is a Magnificent Xmas Gift

Even though you are searching for different devices and gadgets you can browse via iPads on the other hand, you can browse as a result of this hyperlink Apple iPads whilst you are looking for computing gadgets. And this is explanation why they make tremendous gift ideas. » Read More

Review: New Free Mac Text Editor

New on the Mac App Store is Tincta, a text editor for coders and writers. It’s small, lightweight, fast – and free.The single window layout lists open files in a panel on the left. The preferences are simple and basic. This is an application that’s still very much feeling its way into the big wide world.That doesn’t mean that it’s incapable, though. Tincta comes with support for 70 programming la » Read More

Apple Introduces Replacement Program for First Generation iPod Nano Due To Overheating Problem

Apple Introduces Replacement Program for First Generation iPod Nano Due To Overheating ProblemiPod nano was first launched in September 2005 and sold from that time onwards to December 2006. 5 years later, Apple has introduced a replacement program for iPod nano sold during that time as the batteries in these devices may overheat and pose a safety risk ( in rare cases ). To avoid any such [...]iT » Read More

Download Gmail App for iPhone 4S & iPad 2

Apple Released Gmail Application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which is developed by Google, and now officially available at iTunes Store for free Download. For Email mostly people prefering Gmail Account and also loves to chat on Gmail, now it’s available for iOS Devices too, which have very good features to use Gmail in better way.It likes same as your Desktop, infact better than the De » Read More

iChat Services Could Be Coming To iMessage In iOS According To Hidden Code

With iChat on Mac OS X, you can connect with all your different instant messaging accounts into one, like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Today, Developer John Heaton has discovered some code strings in iOS 5 that indicate iChat functionality could be coming to iOS. The code specifically mentions services such as AIM and Jabber, and those aren’t included in any other part of the standard iOS. Apple is clea » Read More

Jailbreak iPhone 4s

Jailbreak iPhone 4s allows you to get more from your get in touch with together with release all of the features an individual secretly longed you have on your own device straight from often the factory without any subsequent points and also things that could very well show up. » Read More

Blackberry Phones For Sale

Blackberry phones for sale without contract are of course much more expensive but these blackberry phones can be customized with any provider you choose and hence should come out as cheaper then with fixed contract. » Read More