How Much Time Do You Spend Using Your iPad Each Day?

How Much Time Do You Spend Using Your iPad Each Day?A friend of mine suggested this poll, and the potential results fascinated me! As part of what I do I use my iPad for a staggering amount of time each day, but what is the norm among AppStorm readers?I’m guessing that most of the excellent people who read AppStorm are pretty keen on their iPads, and as such probably use them more than the » Read More

Weekend Giveaways: Win a free copy of Amazing Breaker

This weekend, we are giving away three copies of Amazing Breaker (App Store link), the current top selling game in the App Store. To enter, simply comment on this article with a valid email address. Sorry folks, but US residents only due to iTunes restrictions. On Monday, we’ll randomly select three people who will win a copy of Amazing Breaker. The aim of the game is to blast the ice » Read More

How My First iPod Changed Me Forever

With the holiday season upon us and Black Friday ads are appearing everywhere, I wanted to tell a story about my first Apple product. After living in a third world country for two years I returned to US and instantly heard talk about Microsoft’s Xbox, Apple’s iPod, and this reality TV show American Idol. All these things were as foreign to me as I hadn’t been a part of any of the pre-release hy » Read More