The Thursday Find - Breakout Ninja

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for the Thursday find, our weekly look at a hidden gem that’s crept out on the App Store over the past week.And this week we’ve got a bit of a doozy for you. It’s a sharp angled one-tap arcade game that does things a little differently.You might have noticed that games that do things a little differently are our favourite sort o » Read More

Tiny Token Empires iPhone Game Review (3/5)

The politics of the ancient world are always good fodder for gaming, mainly due to the main solution to the problems of two nations in that day was to go to war with each other. Tiny Token Empires makes light of these global conflicts in a turn based strategy game that meshes risk, puzzle quest, and the base building of the real time strategy genre.There are two main screens a player will become » Read More

Oh! Edo Towns just about maintains the Kariosoft fun

The last Kariosoft game we looked at was Grand Prix Story, a delightful motor racing simulator built on the success of the breakout Game Dev Story. Oh! Edo Towns is another ‘stick-to-the-formula’ title from the same Japanese developers keen to simulate every single activity known to man. We’ve had mega malls, video game development, hot springs, but we’ve never had towns. It’s an interesting area » Read More

Surprise! Kids want Apple products for Christmas

An interesting Nielsen survey has revealed that 44 percent of kids from ages 6 through to 12 want an iPad for Christmas. In other news, who the heck spends between $500 and $600 on a child for Christmas? Not to be outdone by the iPad, the iPod touch and iPhone come in at the second and third spot, respectively, on kids’ Christmas lists.From Nielsen:Consistent with U.S. kids’ 2010 wish lists » Read More

Add a little sunshine to your day with Here comes the Sun!

Highs of ten degrees today, showery rain forecast – the United Kingdom is hardly known for its tropical paradise credentials. The country’s definition of summer is a soggy barbeque on a damp beach, wrapped up in woolly jumpers and protected by a windbreaker. The sun is certainly an elusive figure.Us Brits obsess about it. The weather’s the go-to topic when we meet someone new – “nice day we’re ha » Read More

Draw Something 2 Hits The Canadian App Store

If you live in Canada and you’ve patiently been waiting for the follow-up game to OMGPOP’s popular social game Draw Something, then it’s a good day to be you because Draw Something 2 has been spotted in the Canadian App Store.Draw Something 2 actually launched in the Swedish App Store last month, but the game has only now made an appearance in the Canadian App Store. The social » Read More

'These Robotic Hearts of Mine' Review - A Successful Experiment in Narrative Puzzles

Stories are hard to come by on the App Store. Most games don't bother with even a pretense of a story, and those that do tend to be crammed in rather painfully. It's understandable -- most iOS games are created by tiny teams, often just a programmer and an artist, so there's not much room or budget for writing.Sometimes, though, a game comes by that shows that you don't need to sacrifice to tell » Read More

'Bean Dreams' Review - Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Holy heck, does Bean Dreams [$2.99] knock it out of the park. The first Bean's Quest [$2.99] game from Kumobius was a solid game, with inventive ways to approach platforming on a touchscreen-based device. But after they applied their time-traveling take on Tiny Wings [$0.99 / $2.99 (HD)] with Time Surfer [$0.99], and gave the challenging arcade game genre an artsy twist with Duet [$0.99], now the » Read More

Cut The Rope’s Om Nom To Time Travel Tonight At Midnight

Om Nom, the cute little green monster in the Cut the Rope game, is gearing up for some time travelling. At midnight tonight, the sequel to the widely popular puzzle game, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, will go live in the UK and U.S. App Stores.In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, you’ll travel alongside Om Nom as he jumps between time periods and meets up with his ancestors where you’ll have to » Read More

'Endless Surf' Review - Running Water

Sports games tend to go in one of a few different directions. Some of them opt for hard realism, trying to capture every nuance of the sport in a very clinical way. The aim here is to try to give the player the exact feeling of playing the sport. Others go the route of Tony Hawk, where it's kind of realistic in some ways, but fantastical in others. These games are cool because you're usually foll » Read More