Art Class with Dr. Panda is a charming new universal interactive app – part of a series of Dr. Panda role-playing apps for young children.
As many readers may know, my family really enjoys these apps as they allow children to pretend to take part in many occupations and activities – be it a doctor’s duties or working in a restaurant, supermarket or farm.
Here Dr. Panda is teaching an art class to animal children. I enjoy his costumes as he assists children who need help in six different crafts.
Fans of these apps will enjoy that familiar animal faces can be seen, who I will assume are the same as those from the Daycare app as well as the young animals seen with a parent from the farm or supermarket app.
To help, either choose a creature seen sitting around the art table on the main page of this app or choose an activity directly from the Art Book at the top of the page – a nice touch.
Kite decorating is an option here as children can choose from five blank kites to complete. Choose a design with a tap – be it a butterfly, dragonfly, or airplane and color in with crayons. Children will quickly notice here that a swipe of color will appear on the other side as well to create symmetry – a nice touch especially for young children as the most rudimentary of finger markings can make interesting and colorful details.
After coloring is complete, adding a few unique moving parts such as a spinning spiral, flower, or propeller rocket will come in handy when this kite takes off as seen in the next scene as well as other decorative choices including flashing Christmas light bulbs.
Next, choose from a variety of tails to attach to one’s kite and then enjoy it rising into the sky with the help and encouragement of the animals. Do steer the kite into balloons to be popped to complete this area.
Classic potato head-like figures can be crafted out of a few fruit and vegetable choices such as pear, lemon or apple. Choose from a selection of eyes, noses, mouths, hats and ties or other decorations which will become animated and include sound effects when added. When completed, this figure will come to life for a bit of dance – a nice touch.
Paper folding and cutting can be practiced as one folds his selected sheet with help from prompts and then taps scissors to make simple cuts. Get creative with a paper cutting stamp wherever desired as this will cut a fancy pattern into this paper creating an interesting detail once unfolded and then hung on a window for decoration.
Children will have a chance to fold and decorate a pinwheel that also includes a fun, fantasy-like scene as this pinwheel then shoots a choice of bubbles, hearts, flowers, or the like from its blades. Use a finger to spin this toy clockwise or back again, making this element nicely tactile and satisfying.
Children can enjoy Perler type beads as children are able to add colored beads to a pegboard following the highlight offered as one chooses a specific bead to ultimately create a design that will need to be ironed on in order to melt together. This aspect of this craft in real life would need to be done by an adult so it is fun that children can work unassisted here.
My personal favorite activity of this app is the chance to work with a potter’s wheel which is spinning independently.
Simply touch the clay on the wheel to create wonderful shapes that I really enjoy without fear of overworking the clay or of the messy cleanup afterward.
Also nice is that one’s pot or other clay creation is also found still spinning on the wheel for easy painting as a tap will create artistic stripes of all kinds that if one wishes, can later get baked in a kiln – which I appreciate a great deal.
Young children will be entertained as they work on these cute art projects for some time, making this app one that is easy to recommend. I look forward to seeing what is next for Dr. Panda.
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