Battle Duty: Modern Field 3
If you’re looking at the title of this game and thinking, why does that sound like a rip-off of several other game titles, you’re not alone. However, this wacky iPhone game isn’t just some attempt to capitalize on those searching for Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 and other similar titles. It’s more of a satirical lampooning of these well-known titles. The artwork for Battle Duty Modern Field 3 is a combination of art styles from these other games with a bunch of rage comic humor thrown on top.

Are you wondering what a rage comic is? Those who haven’t seen rage comics won’t understand half the humor in this game. These comics are based on stock graphics originated on 4chan and later spread to other sites like Memebase. Imba Entertainment is obviously trying to capitalize on the popularity of memes and war games with this simple, silly addition to the iPhone games library.
The game play itself is very simple. Although the still shots in the app store might convince you that the game has amazing 3D graphics akin to the titles its mocking, the reality is much different. Levels don’t move or scroll in any way.
Each level is a still scene where various baddies pop-up from behind barrels or doorways. You tap on them to shoot them. You can switch weapons, use med packs to heal yourself and use other power-ups. That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s not a terrible game. However, it also isn’t one you’ll play for hours.
Graphics and Sound
The graphics faithfully emulate the feel of those you’d find in the big name console titles being mocked. Scenes are well drawn and detailed. The bad guys tend to look rather blurry and small except for the occasional rage comic head that pops up on top of some baddies.
Animation seems to be haphazard. Some items cause cool animations, other things just disappear without any effect. A little more polish would have been helpful. The music vacillates between heavy rock music and 8-bit blips and beeps. Overall the sound was quite enjoyable.
I can barely say anything about the controls for Battle Duty Modern Field 3. You just tap on bad guys to kill them. No aiming, no sliding, no real mechanic besides this. You can click to change weapons and reload. Overall, it’s very repetitive. The rage comic humor is the only thing that keeps it interesting.
This game wasn’t meant to be an immersive and fulfilling iPhone game. It’s meant to have some fun with rage comics and mock popular twitch shooters. It pulls this off quite well. Since it is better than some free iPhone games, I suggest you check it out today!
Battle Duty on iTunes
Price: Free