MagBak is hoping that lightening will strike twice with their second generation iPad mount, designed specifically for the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Their first Kickstarter campaign funded in 3 days and reached over a total of $70,000, which is impressive considering they started with a $15,000 goal.

The new MagBak Air and MagBak Mini are smaller and stronger, which is just what you would expect for the thinnest iPad ever released. The mount edges attach directly to the iPad, although the KickStarter includes no information about the adhesive used in the process.
In addition to providing magnets that can be attached to metal surfaces, the MagBak is also useful for gripping while carrying and for holding smart covers in place. At .5 mm in width, you will barely notice it is there and yet the magnets are expected to be very strong.

Additional MagSticks are also an option which can be connected to a variety of non-metal surfaces for mounting:
MagStick had to be very small as to consume the least amount of space wherever it is in place. It had to be strong as to securely hold your iPad. It had to be appealing to the eye so that it will look great even when no iPad is mounted.We believe we have accomplished all this.
We have been able to keep MagBak as minimalist and elegant as while keeping all of it’s other features.  MagStick also opened many possible uses for MagBak. It’s small design and awesome strength allows you to use your iPad in ways never thought possible. We wonder how you will use iPad next!
The best part of supporting on KickStarter is that you can pledge at a variety of levels and be among the first to receive the final product. If you are looking for a new mount, then this is something to check out.

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