Today we’re taking a look at the new iPad app called Talking Awesomemouse . This new iPad app game was just released by the developer, Common Games. This game app is a lot of fun for the young in your family and will keep them entertained and giggling at the interaction they’ll be able to have with the rodent character.
The first thing you’ll notice when you open this app is the clean and beautiful graphic illustrations. The interface is easy to navigate and the nice audio quality is engaging for your children. The best part that we enjoyed in playing with this iPad app is the way the rodent character answers some questions and interacts with the child.
Here is the description you’ll see on the iTunes App Store:
It’s not just a mouse – it’s a rough and brutal Mouse with his point of view on everything – from eating food to fighting! He doesn’t mind a fight, eat something tasty after and have a chat with a new friend in between. Beware – despite his harmless appearance, this rodent loves shaking his fists and knows how to do it. Test yourselves – perhaps you are the one who can curb his temper? There lot of fun wear and accessories inside, tune your new friend to make it happy!
This iPad App is available on the App Store for free by clicking here.