Welcome back to PadGadget’s weekly music column. We have some resident musicians on staff who love talking about music related apps and accessories. Last week, we had a hands-on review of IK Multimedia’s iLine Cables. What a great way to have all your audio connections in one place.
This week, we have found an iPad mount that is specifically designed for use with a microphone stand. Castiv’s TAB STATION is a musician’s best friend in a pinch.

The Tab station is an adapter that replaces the mount on any microphone stand so you can have access to your iPad without needing a tabletop, expensive stand, or even a kickstand case.
Like most microphone stand mounts, the TAB STATION features a ball joint adjuster that is loosened and tightened with a twisting knob. It threads to the boom using a standard screw thread. Plus, it comes with a screw thread converter, just in case your mic stand is not compatible with the adapter.

The iPad is attached to the mount using spring-loaded clamps. The universal nature of the mount allows for use with the iPad with or without a case.  However, it is sturdy enough to keep your tablet in place, no matter which orientation you choose to mount it in.
Because the TAB STATION fits any microphone stand, you don’t have to be a musician to take advantage of this useful iPad mount. You can use it for presentation, as a welcome stand in an office, or anywhere you like. All you need is a microphone stand and you’re ready to go.
Castiv is in Quebec, Canada, so it is difficult to find the TAB STATION in the U.S. However, you can order it directly from the company’s website for only $44.99 plus $10 U.S. shipping.
Thanks for checking out our music column. If you have any ideas or suggestions for apps and accessories you’d like to know more about, leave a comment below, or send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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