Pango Playground for kids is a charming universal app for babies and toddlers which adults will enjoy a great deal as well.
This app opens up to a very nice assortment of children’s toys such as train tracks or building blocks. Do choose a scene and tap on a number flag 1 to 4 to be taken to a new area.
All of these scenes are variations on the same basic assortment of toys, different colorful building blocks, train tracks and chunky wood blocks crafted to look like familiar characters from the Pango series of applications.
The magic happens when any and all objects are tapped to be transformed into other objects such as a swing, slide, sea saw, rocking horse or merry go-round as seen in the first area of this app as well as a beach, garden and space themes as seen throughout as well.
Tap the train for it to start moving along the tracks. A tap of the tree will make it bear fruit that will drop to the ground; a block will transform into a hopscotch course that a wood block animal will delight in jumping through. Balloons may be popped and cars may be driven. Flip a sun to its nighttime moon side for a lights-out sleepy moment.
There is just so much to interact with here that it is difficult to avoid the ramblings of someone very impressed with what they see.
I also admire the delightful, upbeat music and sound effects, especially how each tap of an object will trigger a wonderful percussive sound, and how classic baby toys such as a wood shape stacker and other traditional busy table activities are included. There are also wonderful fantasy moments such as tapping wooden rain clouds to produce rain that makes puddles for these chunky characters to play in as well as growing produce which these characters can eat.
This app is utterly intuitive to use and will hold the attention of any aged child. Although geared towards toddlers, there is so much whimsy here that I can imagine all ages will enjoy this app.
Although these pages are cluttered with toys in a way that would make any parent smile, I also appreciate how clean this app comes across, with a stark white background and a hint of shadows seen for each item on the page – subtle yet highly effective in creating a sense of realism that I find quietly captivating.
I am also smitten with the choice of including chunky wood characters which are animated, as I love to see these wood pieces come to life in a way more captivating than if they were simply illustrated animals.
I utterly recommend this app for families with young children, especially those who fancy wood toys over plastic and have not found any apps yet they feel they can truly get behind.
The creativity of this app is impressive, which in turn will lead to many creative moments as children will tap or drag objects and characters for the first time.
I must admit that I find something new every time I check out Pango Playground for kids, and I am sure other families will delight in exploring this app as well.
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