Plopp seems like a very simple iPhone game on the surface. Small spheres appear and begin to expand. A number within them tells you how many points they are worth. The bigger the sphere expands, the more points they’re worth. You must pop spheres before they touch each other. Whenever you pop one, it sends out a shockwave which can pop other spheres caught in its path.
Like most well-designed iPhone games, this one gives you time to get used to the concept before complicating it with something new. At the start, you might think you’ve purchased an overly simple game that you can’t lose. The game begins with simple, slowly expanding spheres that are easy to hit and don’t collide.
However, after playing for a few minutes, things get more complicated! Some spheres have a negative value. Others can only be popped by a shockwave from a nearby sphere. Pretty soon, you’ll have to think fast in order to get rid of pesky negative-point spheres and maximize your score.

Graphics and Sound
Plopp is all about graphics. It doesn’t try to hide this fact either. This is the games biggest appeal. It looks sharp and rewards you with sparkly visuals whenever you create a particularly impressive chain reaction. Beating levels unlocks more backgrounds and fancier explosion effects.
The “plop” sound you hear in the game is appropriate for its name. All the sound effects are pretty basic stuff here. No massive surprises or innovations, but nothing annoying either. The soundtrack is excellent. You get three electronic tracks that range from chill grooves to thumping House music. I found track two’s Daft Punk-styled House beats to be extremely catchy!
Not much can be said for the controls of this title. As far as iPhone Games go, this one doesn’t do anything amazing or different. The controls get the job done. It might have been cool to have a sliding element that adds additional functionality.
This simple little iPhone game is great for a casual game to play while riding the train or just killing a few minutes while waiting. While the game could have benefited from a bit more complexity, it’s still lots of fun and has an awesome soundtrack that alone makes it worth buying.
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