Even though the next generation of processor chip is nearly a year from being needed, the design process probably began years ago. Each new generation of chip gets faster, smaller, and more efficient. The as-yet-unfinished A9 chip is next in line for Apple’s mobile devices. According to a new rumor, Samsung is charged with making it, and the company’s Austin, TX plant will be the manufacturing location.
The Electronic Times (ET) Online recently reported that Samsung has already begun production of the A9 chip, which is rumored to be built using 14 nanometer technology. Unnamed sources told ET Online that production supposedly began on Dec. 11 in Samsung’s Austin, TX plant.

“The Austin plant began official production first at Apple’s request, and industry insiders said it is a move to produce the chip in the US, not Korea. They guessed that the Austin plant was chosen because of the next-generation chip’s problems with performance security and supply.”
Earlier this year, reports were coming in that TSMC was preparing facilities for processing of the A9, which was supposedly clocking in at 16 nanometers. While it is likely that Apple will use both companies in order to meet demand for the next generation of iPad and iPhone, it is not likely that the company will use two different processors. Either Samsung is not working on a 14-nanometer chip, or TSMC has to update its equipment to meet the new standard.
With production supposedly starting this early, it calls into question whether Apple is planning on launching a mobile device earlier than the traditional fall release.
[Via: Apple Insider]

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