The latest from G5 Entertainment, S.E.D.: Special Enquiry Detail, is a game you are going to want to set a little time aside to play. Once you start, you don’t want to stop. It is a combination hidden object game and crime scene investigator game –the combination of these two quickly makes you obsessed.
S.E.D is not a face-paced game to burn time between meetings or in the waiting room at the doctors. It is a game that requires 100% of your attention. Finding clues, investigating crime scenes and finding hidden object to earn stars is the forefront of this game.

In order to investigate further details or clues you need stars. In order to get those stars you need to find hidden object in different scenes. However, once you find the hidden objects, you don’t always receive a full star, just a portion of it. Keeping your energy up is another requirement which you will need badges and money to acquire.
The two detectives investigating the different crimes are Turino and Lamonte. The dialog throughout the game is funny at times and annoying at times. The player is reminded throughout the game that these two are just coworkers and nothing more. Throughout the game, the detectives also interact with officers, suspects, witnesses, and people in the labs to gain additional information.

Currently, S.E.D. contains 8 different cases that need to be solved and 40 crime scenes to investigate. Once one case is solved, the next is unlocked. There are in-app purchases with this game to help move it along quicker. You have the ability to purchase additional badges and other items to help with your game flow.

The game is addictive, challenging, and somewhat hard to put down. If you have your display dimmed low to save battery, turn it a bit higher for the hidden object section of the game or you are going to miss quite a few objects.
The game flow is helped along with help and suggestions on where you should go and what you should do next. I highly suggest downloading S.E.D. if you are a fan of hidden objects attached to a storyline –especially if you are a fan of the nighttime CSI shows!
Check out the trailer:

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