Tracking time and expense can be a difficult and time-consuming task that is often left to the last minute by remote workers and freelancers. However, thanks to the power of expenses and time tracking apps for iPad you can now log time worked more easily over the course of a whole project or period of time through manual entries and automatic timers on your tablet. By recording this data invoices can created instantly, saving you an awful amount of time. Other applications help you to record receipts, making sure any expenses are accounted for. Read on to find out which apps are AppStorm’s best seven for tracking time and expenses! All of these apps are subscription-based but most come with a free trial. Xpenditure Xpenditure, as its name implies, takes the pain out of expense tracking for freelancers. Perhaps the coolest feature of this app? Digitizing receipts. That means no more tucking paper receipts into an old cigar box. Xpenditure keeps up with your receipts and it even exports to your accounting app of choice for full-scale financial reporting with ease. Through the iPad application receipts are digitized through a scanner which takes the receipts and saves them in the cloud. This iPad expenses app is great for employers, who can create expense rules for their employees, making sure that expenses are restricted and not abused. Pricing: From $5 per month. Xpenditure FreshBooks FreshBooks brings all the tools that business owners expect from their financial management and accounting platforms into the cloud, making it possible for executives, managers and freelancers to track time, create invoices, and check balances from any place at any time. FreshBooks is one of the easiest to use iPad time tracking apps, allowing you to track your billable time against project budgets. Managers can view hours in a calendar view, filtering by project to help you manage your staff better. FreshBooks helps you to manage expenses on your iPhone, including a feature that lets you capture photos of your expense receipts and categorize your spending. Pricing: From $9.95 per month. FreshBooks Zoho Expense If you’re looking for a simple, dedicated app to manage expenses on your iPhone, this Zoho app is well worth a look. The cloud-based Zoho Expense aims to take the hassle out of the expense recording and reporting process. One of the best iPad expenses apps you’ll find, Zoho Expense is ideal for remote workers who travel as it lets you track mileage through a built-in GPS tracker and store receipts digitally. One of the neat things about Zoho Expense is that it automatically generates expenses from the receipts that you upload through the app. Information such as the date, merchant, amount, etc. are all recognized automatically when you scan the receipt. Clever, huh? Pricing: From $15 per month. Zoho Expense Zoho People Zoho People is another Zoho app, this time one that lets you manage your employee attendance, time-offs and timesheets from one place. You can check-in, apply for leave and track your time directly from your mobile devices as well. Alternatively, if a biometric device is used, all the data will be automatically imported into Zoho People. You can use Zoho People to record time, create timesheets and simply associate them with your clients in Zoho CRM. Through the Zoho People iPad app time can be tracked effectively through checking in and tracking your time on a calendar. This calendar allows you to view your total hours worked, making sure that you are using your time well. Pricing: From $39 per month. Zoho People Harvest Aside from its simple, intuitive interface that makes time tracking simpler and invoicing even more speedy, Harvest adds a wide range of integrations with third-party apps including Xero, PayPal, QuickBooks Online, and a whole lot more. The Harvest app for iPad is an advanced tracking tool that uses timers and receipt scanners in order to track time and expenses. The application integrates with your Apple tablet through a notification system and users can view the working status of colleagues through the Team Status tab. Pricing: From $12 per month. Harvest Hubstaff Hubstaff is a time tracking solution designed to empower teams to work together more effectively in real time. Hubstaff uses a combination of screenshots, activity levels, and in-depth reports to enable freelancers, website owners and virtual teams to keep better track of the actual time they’ve spent working on client projects. The Hubstaff time tracking app for iPad lets you track your time very easily from your Apple tablet. You just need to choose the project you’re working on and hit start. The application will then run in the background while you get on with your work. Hubstaff will proceed to record the time you’re working, as well as your logging your location. Hubstaff for iPad includes online dashboards and reports for seeing who is currently working and for reviewing time sheets. The iPad app includes a payroll system that’s designed to be flexible and help you autonomize the payment process. Pricing: From $5 per month. Hubstaff is aimed at small businesses as well as freelancers. The app is fully cloud-based, and it expands beyond simple time and expense tracking to provide more complex workflows and analytics, too. The app is also highly customizable, so if you have unique needs as a freelancers, it may be your best bet. Best of all, is free for up to three users. helps to increase the efficiency of tracking through real time alerts and client specific databases. These client specific databases are particularly helpful for both businesses and clients as they store all interactions and documents between the two. This database also allows clients to view when work was done and for how long. Pricing: From $149 per month. iBE.Net TriNet Expense TriNet is another app that offers that all important project-based time tracking, which extends to its iPad app from where you can also scan and import receipts to keep on top of those mounting expenses. This app also features some useful integrations, first with accounting solutions such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Intacct, but also with mobile apps such as TripIt. Through the powerful TriNet application for iOS, employers can gain a complete overview of reports, timesheets and expenses. Employers can then approve or reject expenses while also viewing a history of the employee’s previous expenses reports. For employees, recording time worked is simple through manual addition that allows users to allocate work to specific clients, projects or departments. Pricing: From $10 per month. TriNet Expense Dovico Dovico is a timesheet, time tracking and project time management solution designed for use by mid-sized businesses to large enterprises. The largely integrable software enables you to keep track of employees and project progress in real-time. Expenses and timesheets can be tracked against a project to ensure that you always recover all your costs. Data is displayed clearly in Gantt charts. Through Dovico’s time and expenses tracking app for iPad, users can submit timesheets and expense reports on their mobile device. For travel expenses users can fill in a variety of custom fields in order to ensure that they are properly reimbursed. Dovico also has an Apple Watch application, ensuring that you never forget to record your working hours. Pricing: From $12 per month per user. Dovico TrackingTime TrackingTime is an online time tracking software that focuses on collaboration and helps companies manage their projects, track working times and measure productivity. The core of the app is a simple yet powerful task manager that allows you to stay organised while effortlessly keeping track of your working hours in real time. Because the app also focuses on collaboration, you’ll be able to organise your own clients, projects and tasks on your web dashboard while seeing the work being done by others on your team – with real-time updates, comments and notifications also built in. The application for TrackingTime is synced on the cloud with your web-based account. Through the desktop and web applications you can manage projects and they will be instantly updated on your iPad application. The app helps you to spend your time more efficiently by allowing you to set goals. Pricing: Freemium! TrackingTime Now you’ve seen some of our selections of apps to free up your valuable time using your iPad, visit our sister site GetApp where you can search and compare more top SaaS time And expense Tracking applications. 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