October 2008 (Premier Issue)

The keyboard has a number of features built in that are designed to speed up the typing process.
Typing punctuation and numbers can seem like a chore, because it appears that you have to tap the “.?123” button, then the desired character, and then the “ABC” button to return to the normal keyboard. Instead, you can do this action in one finger gesture—tap and hold the “.?123” button, slide your finger to the desired character, and lift your finger. This will type the character and return you to the normal keyboard, all in one action. You can do the same thing for capitalizing letters—tap and hold the shift key, slide to the letter, and lift up. You can also enter a period at the end of a sentence by hitting the space bar twice.
Touch and hold the keyboard’s “.?123” button, slide your finger to the desired character, and lift your finger.
The keyboard has a built-in dictionary that suggests words below what you are typing , which could be either the word that you are in the middle of typing or a correction if you misspelled a word. When you see a suggested word that you want to use, simply tap the space bar and the word will be entered. If it’s incorrect, finishing entering the word. The iPhone will automatically enter the new word into the dictionary.
To speed up text entry, the iPhone will suggest words based on the first few characters you enter. Hit the space bar and the suggested word will be entered.
When typing contractions such as “they’re” and “I’m”, don’t bother typing the apostrophe—in most cases the contraction will be suggested below the word, and you can simply hit the space bar to use it.Want to master your iPhone and iPad? Sign up here to get our tip of the day delivered right to your inbox.