Guessing games made a wave in the App Store last year in the form of dozens of logo and icon quizzes, and most of you guys would be fondly remembering the popular Icon Pop Quiz. Though a little late to the party, Who am I?! manages to make a clear mark thanks to its unique angle on the familiar formula.
Who am I?! takes the form of a reality show in which you’re told a set of 5 clues and you’ve to figure out Who that is, with a minimum number of assistance. Now that you think about it, it is sort of the reverse of the popular Akinator the Genie or a variant of the Heads Up! game.
The rules are few and simple. The expected word can be a person, a place or a unique object. You’re given a clue to start with and you put your brain to work. If you’re anything like me, one clue isn’t gonna crack it and you proceed to the Next one.
Go on till you figure out the answer and tap on Suggest to input your guess. Don’t worry if you are not sure about the spelling, because as you start typing in, suggestions appear and you can just choose the correct one from that.
The game proceeds in levels and lives. Make one right and proceed to the next level; get one wrong and lose a life, its as simple as that. The goal is to pass level 50 and I’m really curious to find out what happens after that. But Who am I?! is tougher than it looks and I couldn’t cross the 9th level yet. But what I have been able to achieve unfortunately, is to lose all 3 lives and can assure that you’ll need to restart from the first level if you do so.
The gameplay comes in Normal and Expert modes, and can arise from different areas including Geography, Music, Arts and Literature, TV and Movies, History and Politics, and Miscellaneous. And they seem to have a quite large library of questions too as I haven’t come across any repeat questions during the review period.
In case you find one of the topics to be too hard for your taste, you can go into the Training mode and choose just your favorite genre and tackle the corresponding quiz. You can also suggest your own additions via the in-built form which will be reviewed by the developers and added to the pool. Meaning, the Who am I?! library is growing day by day, making the gameplay more and more variant.

The graphics of the game is just average but the gameplay makes up for that. The sound effects are really cool and worth toggling the mute switch to off. Who am i?! however is ad-supported which is the only downside I could find. I would’ve preferred an in-app purchase to unlock higher levels or at least one to remove the ad. Right now, there is no way to get rid of that banner and it gives you the feeling that you’re playing on a smaller screen than it actually is.
At the end of the day, Who am I?! isn’t the greatest looking game out there nor the most complex one. However the guessing sessions are fun and addictive, leaving you wanting for more, and hence makes a great pick-and-play game for most iPhoners.
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