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1044 Escape Games – Mr. Lal The Detective 23

MR.LAL the detective episode – 23 is an interesting and intriguing point and click type new escape game developed by ENA games for free. . Visualize a situation there is a coffee shop doing gold bussiness. Mr. Lal as a detective needs to get the evidences for it and to arrest the hoel manager. As a player you need to help Mr. Lal in this issue.As you are a person of good problem solving nat » Read More

Dental Surgery Simulator – Dentist Clinic

The all new amazing dental surgery simulator. If you want to be a dentist in the future then this virtual surgery simulator game is all you need. You can select your own patients and become the best dentist clinic in the city.nnYour hospital doesn’t have any dentists and nobody is fond of taking care of their teeth. Every mouth stinks and their teeth are like zombie teeth. Become a pro at g » Read More

981 Escape Games – Deliver The New Year Cake

Deliver the new year cake is a delightful celebration type new year escape game developed by ENA games for free. Assume a situation that you have got an order for new year cake and you have to deliver it to the customer within time.Now You need to prepare the cake by finding the objects in the bakery.It is your brilliance that is going to help you. This could happen only if you have the determina » Read More

Clickmazes BoxUp Free

Your goal sounds easy, just push the small red box inside the large blue box. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds.nnThis is the genuine BoxUp puzzle game, as featured at, now developed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, by the original BoxUp inventors. This free version includes sample puzzles from the full version for each of the puzzle categories, amounting to 18 free » Read More

PicSo – Pic Something

This brand new application is truly the first of its kind in any application store. nItu2019s just marvelous when it comes to searching social networks thus it could be called a game as it helps you pose questions with photos in order to emphasize on the sheer context and challenge your friends, acquaintances or some random folks that you have met on the global network. nnAdditionally, our brand » Read More

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BOOM! Cat Sweeper

Some cat-like creatures are lost in the grass. Use your fingertip to find them, and rescue them!nEnjoy the great lively sensation created by our newly-developed grass rendering engine.nnThere are 3 game modes available.nn[ FACE MODE ]nRescue all the cat-like creatures with one sweep of your finger.nAvoid stepping on the bombs, and don’t get caught by the monsters that will come chasing afte » Read More

iPhone App Review: Idiot Test – Way Too Funny!

Lateral-thinking puzzles are far older than the App Store. I remember books of them stumping me and making me feel stupid decades ago. The new game from developer CreativeNose, Idiot Test – Way Too Funny!, takes lateral-thinking puzzles and updates them for the current generation of iOS devices. Featuring three difficulty levels with names like “Oh Dear!”, “Oh No!”, » Read More

iPhone App Review: Bombshot Basketball

The iTunes App Store just got a dose of three-point madness with the new game from Sage Games, Bombshot Basketball. Using the iPhone and iPad’s touch screen to aim and shoot, you can play in one of several different modes. From a classic game where you attempt to get the best of 25 shots, to arcade mode where you rack up points and use power-up balls, to several different individual challen » Read More

iPhone App Review: So You’re Dating A Vampire

So you’re thinking about downloading So You’re Dating A Vampire? Described as “The Comedy Film Date You Create”, Neutral Ground Films latest endeavor is a “choose your own adventure”-style short film in which you guide the main character, “Grace”, as she gets ready for and then goes on a date with “Vincent”, whose status as a vampire is » Read More