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WarFriends guide - Part Four - Advanced tactics

Welcome to the final part of our WarFriends guide. We’ve covered a lot in the time we’ve been together, and I for one am proud of what we’ve achieved. You have the makings of an excellent soldier.But if you want to take your warring even further, you’ve come to the right place. Because here we’re going to go deep into some of the tougher strategies you’re going » Read More

The Thursday Find - Breakout Ninja

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for the Thursday find, our weekly look at a hidden gem that’s crept out on the App Store over the past week.And this week we’ve got a bit of a doozy for you. It’s a sharp angled one-tap arcade game that does things a little differently.You might have noticed that games that do things a little differently are our favourite sort o » Read More

Enormous isometric RPG Avadon 2: The Corruption coming to iPad later tonight

Isometric RPG Avadon 2: The Corruption is scheduled to go live on the App Store at midnight tonight.This gigantic tribute to the role-playing games of old comes equipped with retro visuals, complicated inventory management systems, and mini-maps aplenty.As for the game's plot, it's your standard fantasy fare: world on the brink of civil war, one lone defender against the forces of darkness, etc. » Read More

Rocket Riot™ iPhone Game Review (4/5)

Pure unadulterated pixelated mayhem. This is what the general state of play in Rocket Riot represents. The pirate Blockbeard has stolen everyone's legs, so you need the use of a rocket just to get around. This premise sets the stage for level upon level of shooting fun as enemies gang up on you, sports games are played, and the environment blows up in consistent gooey chunks.Unfortunately this fu » Read More

Sea Stars iPhone Game Review (4/5)

If you were to believe a certain catchy Disney song from the early 90s, you would think that things are much better under the sea. After a few minutes playing Sea Stars, you'd definitely be giving the argument some thought. There's something about the colors, the gliding mechanics and the collectables and upgrades that make this game just a joy to play.Control as well as the style of game is simi » Read More

Tiny Token Empires iPhone Game Review (3/5)

The politics of the ancient world are always good fodder for gaming, mainly due to the main solution to the problems of two nations in that day was to go to war with each other. Tiny Token Empires makes light of these global conflicts in a turn based strategy game that meshes risk, puzzle quest, and the base building of the real time strategy genre.There are two main screens a player will become » Read More