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S.E.D.: Special Enquiry Detail – Criminal Investigation Hidden Object Game (Review)

The latest from G5 Entertainment, S.E.D.: Special Enquiry Detail, is a game you are going to want to set a little time aside to play. Once you start, you don’t want to stop. It is a combination hidden object game and crime scene investigator game –the combination of these two quickly makes you obsessed.S.E.D is not a face-paced game to burn time between meetings or in the waiting room at the doct » Read More

Apple’s WWDC 2016 will be held from June 13 through 17 in San Francisco

Apple announced that it will hold its 27th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from June 13 through 17 in San Francisco. Monday’s kickoff events, including the keynote address, will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The rest of the week’s conference sessions will take place at Moscone West.Developers can apply for tickets via the WWDC website now through Friday, April 22 at 1 » Read More

Location Based Dating App ‘Did I See U’ Brings Dating Back To Real Life!

One of the things about dating apps is everything is virtual and real connections don’t always happen. There are lots of people looking and playing a role in the dating app world but few real connections are truly made. Did I See U brings dating back to real life connections with its location based app.Download and sign up for Did I See U for free using either your email or Facebook information. » Read More

Who am I?! Review – The best single-player guessing game

Guessing games made a wave in the App Store last year in the form of dozens of logo and icon quizzes, and most of you guys would be fondly remembering the popular Icon Pop Quiz. Though a little late to the party, Who am I?! manages to make a clear mark thanks to its unique angle on the familiar formula.Who am I?! takes the form of a reality show in which you’re told a set of 5 clues and you » Read More

Duet Game Review – Deep, engaging, minimal, must-have

We are surrounded by distractions. Sounds, people, emails, notifications. Time to reflect, time to concentrate or even the ability to do these things is fading away faster than a Tesla driving off the highway. It’s a little puzzling that just another game can bring back all this. But the thing is, as you may guess, Duet is not just another game.There is no story, and very little for a tutor » Read More

PaintLife Review – Quickly enhance pictures

Note: PaintLife was reviewed on an iPad AirQuick, snappy photo editing is one of the best features iPhones and iPod touches have brought to our lives. Just like cowboys, we are incredibly quick to draw our iDevice and snap the quick shot. iOS 7 has also made the modern-day photo-cowboy life easier, by adding a quick link to the camera, everywhere. Quickly snapping is one thing, but quickly editin » Read More

Cyto Review – Regain your lost memories

In many of my previous reviews, I’ve mentioned more than once how I prefer casual games over dense and content rich thrillers. I don’t like the feeling of having complicated plots mess with my mind, constantly having to worry about planning my next move in game and whatnot. I prefer games I can pull out and enjoy on the go where I don’t have to frustrate myself trying to recall » Read More

Sky Rush Review – A highly engaging shoot’em up

The iPhone 4 brought with it, among other things, enhanced graphics, high-resolution camera, and a huge pile of augmented reality apps. Augmented reality is a term used to describe apps that show the view through your camera, and then superimpose data on top based on the image in view. Great examples of this are apps that will show you restaurant locations while you are walking around, or on scre » Read More

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions Review – Stays true to FF tradition

The Final Fantasy series is probably one of the most successful RPG franchises in the world. So when the game’s creators, Square Enix, decided to port some of the games to iOS, you better have believed it was a huge deal. Recently, an updated version of the tactical spin-off of the game was introduced to the App Store, and it was definitely was not a disappointment.Final Fantasy Tactics: Th » Read More

Sky Go review – High-quality TV streaming for Sky customers

Smartphones and tablets have been at the forefront of making television an increasingly mobile and accessible process. With streaming service like BBC iPlayer and 4oD already gracing smartphones for a while, it was inevitable that the premium British cable service, Sky, would also jump on the bandwagon.Sky Go is a free TV-streaming app that can be used by anyone with a Sky subscription. You can l » Read More