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How to Transfer Photos and Data from Android to Your New iPhone

You won’t really feel at home on your iPhone until all your important data is all here. All your contacts, emails, photos and videos. You might be wondering, how exactly to make that happen? While it’s not as seamless as going to another Android phone, it’s not as soul-sucking as you might imagine. Thanks to a couple of apps (including Apple’s own), you’ll be able to transfer all the data, wirel » Read More

Pokémon Duel Promises to Get Rid of Your Pokémon Go Hangover

Nintendo has just released yet another Pokémon based game to fuel your appetite for the classic Nintendo game. Known as Pokémon Duel, this game takes a slightly different route compared to Pokémon Go. Continue reading → » Read More

Super Mario Run Ranked: Top 5 Easiest Levels

If you’ve checked out reviews for Super Mario Run lately, you might notice they’ve been rather lukewarm for such a hyped up game. Many complaints revolve around the price — that the game is simply not worth $10 for what you get. Continue reading → » Read More

Workflow makes automation easy with friendly touch interface and powerful tools

There are a lot of apps out there, and a lot of them make doing certain tasks quite easy. Automating those tasks manages to make them even easier. Continue reading → » Read More

New iWatch Concept features circular display, wireless charging capabilities and more

If you thought that the Smartwatch concept we covered yesterday was too traditional, and are hoping that Apple’s iWatch would look more futuristic, then you may want to check out this new concept created by Argentine design student Tomas Moyano. Continue reading → » Read More

App Deals for today: Infinity Blade, Final Fantasy IV, Limbo, XCOM and more at discounted prices

We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Turnplay, RealiFit, CleverPaint, Toca Doctor and more for free. Additionally, there are a bunch of great iOS games Infinity Blade, Final Fantasy IV, Limbo, XCOM that have gone on sale. Continue reading → » Read More

Discover the real power behind your iOS gadgets [Deals Hub]

If you spend time on your iOS device knowing full well that you’re not getting the most out of it, you’re not alone. This lifetime membership to iOS Centric will help you do just that — and iPhone Hacks Deals is bringing it to you for only $49! Continue reading → » Read More

iTether: iPhone App That Offers Unlimited Tethering For a One-Time Fee Briefly Approved By Apple

Apple has approved a tethering application from Tether.com called iTether in the App Store. The iPhone app is a companion app for the Mac and PC versions, which allows users to use their iPhone’s data connection to surf the internet … Continue reading → » Read More

Tether Responds To Apple’s Decision To Ban Their Tethering App

Yesterday, Apple pulled Tether.com’s iPhone app – iTether after briefly allowing it in the App Store. iTether allowed users to use their iPhone’s data connection to surf the internet on a Mac or PC over USB. Tether has published a … Continue reading → » Read More